VS Sassoon Big Hair Root Boost

I can imagine women in the 60’s and 70’s fighting over the new VS Sassoon Big Hair Root Boost, a new styling tool designed to give you big voluptuous hair without having to tease and backcomb.

Flat hair is out and volume and texture is in, and it is no wonder many of us are opting for hair extensions just for a little extra thickness. If your hair is a bit too skinny for your liking, the Big Hair Root Boost will do the trick.

big root boost

I may have a little trouble explaining how this works so please bare with me! What looks like a cross between a skinny hair straightener and a crimper, the Big Hair Root Boost has three heat settings from 140 degrees to 200 degrees.

To use, section down from the top layer of your hair (do not use this on the top layer, the boost effect is supposed to be hidden) and crimp close to the roots. Continue working your way down until you have the volume required.

The plates are made from Ceramic technology for a less damaging style and if you compare it to backcombing the frizz will be no more!

Still not big enough for you? Use it with the VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler (which I adore) for even more volume.

The VS Sassoon Big Hair Root Boost (Model VS213A) has an RRP of $52.95

Check out www.vssassoon.com.au for more information


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