Limited Edition RUSK MiraCurl

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RUSK MiraCurl Ltd  Edt 32

Achieving the perfect curl has never been easy...until now. The RUSK MiraCurl® may sound too good to be true, but in fact it really does get curls that are salon worthy. As a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding, we have been experimenting with … [Read more...]

Schwarzkopf Professional Moisture Kick Recharger

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Part of Schwarzkopf Professional's BC Bonacure Moisture Kick range is Recharger, a wash out product that is somewhere between a gel and a mousse in texture. For normal to dry hair, this works well on curly locks to give you back moisture and allow … [Read more...]

Rusk MiraCurl Styling Liquids

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Rusk have released MiraCurl Styling Liquids which are designed to make your curls look their best. There are five products in the range: Rusk MiraCurl Curl Prep This is used prior to styling to protect against heat and reduce frizz. … [Read more...]

VS Sassoon New Ceramic Curlers

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VS Sassoon have introduced three new ceramic curlers which all have different barrel sizes. Each curler will give you a specific result: The 19mm barrel will you definition and the tightest ringlets. This has an RRP of $24.95 The 25mm barrel … [Read more...]

Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse

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Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse is an innovative all-in-one, argan oil-infused styling product that provides hold as well as creates bouncy, smooth, frizz-free curls. Specially designed to meet the unique needs of curly and tightly spiralled hair, … [Read more...]

VS Sassoon Curl Secret

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It isn't very often that I receive a hair styling tool which requires me to follow the step by step instructions, but the new Curl Secret from VS Sassoon is an exciting new release which is different to anything I have tried before. The Curl … [Read more...]

Iso Nexture for Hair

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iso nexture

Iso Nexture has been described as semi permanent texture, and a modern girl's alternative to the perm. There are a few disadvantages to the traditional perm - the time, neutralizing process and the fumes...and most importantly, the tightness of the … [Read more...]

VS Sassoon Curl Magic miniPRO

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curl magic model

The new 'Curl Magic' miniPRO is the latest VS Sassoon style favourite that has been miniaturised for a convenient and compact travel sized styling tool to make super shiny on-trend curls super achievable anywhere you go. This magnificent miniPRO has … [Read more...]

How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

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One of the best ways to curl your hair is by using your slimline hair straightener. GHD is one of the best but in this example I am using a Wahl Cutek to show that any reasonable slimline straightener will work. The first step is to apply a heat … [Read more...]

Expert Q&A – Curls with Anthony (Rokk Ebony)

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rokk ebony curl

Anthony, Teresa and Marie are Style/Creative Directors at Rokk Ebony hair salon and have launched a new range of affordable haircare for three different hair types. Anthony is the man behind 'Curl' and he chatted with Beauty and Lace about the … [Read more...]