Iso Nexture for Hair

Iso Nexture has been described as semi permanent texture, and a modern girl’s alternative to the perm. There are a few disadvantages to the traditional perm – the time, neutralizing process and the fumes…and most importantly, the tightness of the curls.

Iso Nexture is a treatment which is a less permanent option than the perm, it washes out after approximately 20 washes which means when your hair starts to grow you won’t be left with straight regrowth and curly ends. Now straight haired girls can walk on the curl side with virtually any curl you can dream of. Even a simple wave to create additional body is achievable with Iso Nexture.

iso nexture

Caroline Outten from Hair Outaquin explains, “The technology works in a similar way to spending a day at the beach. You know that salty beach hair feeling? Think of how much body your hair has in that condition, but not the salty beach feeling.

Well, Nexture works with salt bonds wrapping around your hair and changing the texture. What type of wave, curl or bounce will depends on your own hair and the tools used to wrap your hair before the product is applied. We use tools that look like massage tripods, and flexible foam which are very different from when nan was a young girl.”

The treatment is applied, rinse and styled so the in salon time is significantly reduced compare to the perm. Once it washes out you can have it reapplied or go back to your regular straight style.

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