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This month we have hairdresser, Caroline Outten from Hair Outaquin with us to discuss the new treatment from Loreal called X-TENSO. Here is what Caroline had to say when we asked her about the product:

Extenso, extenso, extenso…Wow, what a lot of interest this fantastic product from L’Oreal Professionnel has created!

Well, first of all lets get one thing correct it is actually called X-TENSO.

Designed by L’Oreal Professionnel to fill that little niche everyone appears to overlook – it all starts with the age-old scenario, the grass is always greener on the other side. You have straight hair you want curly hair and if you have curly hair you want straight hair.

Wait! What about the growing number of natural curl and volume fanatics that love their hair? Except for two things. BOOF and FRIZZ.

Prior to X-TENSO if you had BOOF and FRIZZ you either set your alarm for 3am so you can get to work at 9am or had your hair permanently straightened. But what about all those people who like the curl and body and do not want the pin straight look. What to do?

X-TENSO, another prayer answered. This amazing product is a professional in salon product that removes the boof and frizz but maintains the wave and body of your hair. It smooths your hair. It also does it in a fraction of the time and cost of permanently straightening.

As an added bonus it allows you to wear your hair more naturally with your curl or straighten it in minutes. So no 3am rises because the boof and frizz has been removed and your hair can be straightened a lot easier.

The only limitations at present are that it cannot be used on highlighted hair but we have been promised they are looking into it.

Longevity varies, it is not permanent so does require re application over time. I have some clients that have it done every two months and some every five months. It can also be part applied. For example some of my clients just have the underneath nape section done so their hair sits flatter.

Or some clients with highlights have the highlights sectioned out and the rest done. We even have hair extension clients that have never had them before as their hair was too curly, now thanks to X-TENSO they can. They still have the curl, just relaxed enough to have extensions they can manage.

Thank you Caroline! You can find out more about Hair Outaquin: www.outaquin.com.au or drop into the salon at 438 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, WA. Phone: 08)9228 8211

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