What is Global Keratin Treatment?

Global Keratin is a revolution in hair straightening, completely non chemical and can be used on any hair type regardless of condition. This product hit our shores last year and Hair Outaqin have been using in the salon since last November.

It is not a permanent straightening, and straightens up to 95% so the final straightening / smoothing result depends on how curly or frizzy the hair is to begin with.

Salon Director Caroline had it done on her hair (the red head pictured) and that was early November and still going strong. She used to spend an hour on her hair every morning, which has now been reduced to 5-10 minutes for same result!

The advantages they have seen with their clients is that no matter what condition their hair is in, they can still have the Keratin Treatment because it actually improves condition of the hair.

They have even done it on the same day as colour and bleaching, with no ill effects on the hair. It removes frizz and straightens the hair out and lasts about 4 months dependant on how the hair is treated i.e. frequency of shampooing, type of shampoo and swimming etc.

Benefits of the Global Keratin Treatment:

  • It smooths the hair which increases shine and condition
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Lasts up to four months
  • Hair remains frizz free in rain and humidity
  • Styling time is reduced
  • Does not damage your hair and works better on chemically processed hair

Before and After Photographs taken in the Hair Outaquin Salon

The before shots show the hair blast dried (not blow-dryed straight and no irons or styling products used).

The after photographs are shown three days after the treatment and once again show the hair blast dried (not blow-dryed straight and no irons, no brush or styling products used).



keratin before


keratin after


before keratin


3 days dry off


“The pictures will also explain more clearly about straightening up to 95%, so it depends on what you started with to what result you will achieve”

Caroline would also like to point out,

“One last thing, as with all fantastic products copies will follow. Hair Outaquin have had feedback from clients saying they have been quoted very high pricing for the same service (different product) with the reasoning being that their product is far superior and therefore costs more.

It’s not. The product we use is the same product that many people may have seen on “A Current Affair” and “Ten Years Younger” so it has credentials.”

Our Expert:
Caroline Outten
Salon Director

Hair Outaquin
438 Fitzgerald Street
North Perth WA 6006
t: (08) 9228 8211

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