For every occasion, every time, White Sands products actually work! Whether you’re a consumer or a professional hairdresser, White Sands has you covered!

Created by Fernando Salas, a legend among hairdressers around the world, White Sands remains to this day a family-owned corporation based in California. 

Continuing on the ‘family’ theme, White Sands’ Australian distribution has been owned by husband and wife team, Wade & Daphne Savage, since 2016, as they continue to introduce this amazing, revolutionary cruelty-free brand to the Australian & New Zealand consumer market. 

While the White Sands brand has been available in Australia for many years as a staple to the fashion industry, top-end stylists, television stars and celebrities, the amazing benefits and styling properties of our products can be used for the everyday, special occasions or for the creatively inspired.

For decades, White Sands has been the go-to styling product for hairdressers, make-up artists, and stylists globally, and the incredible results can be seen everywhere – from catwalks and runways, to commercials and acclaimed TV shows to huge movie blockbusters!

Long recognised as the products of choice for professionals in the hair styling industry, with hold memory, zero flaking, and soft touch finish, White Sands is the perfect product for all occasions – and everyday use! / IG: @whitesandshaircareau 

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members have been testing the White Sands range. You can find out what they think in the comments section below, or leave your own review!

12 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: White Sands

  1. So far have used the shampoo/conditioner twice now and my hair is definitely much softer and I’ve noticed no frizz as it dries. The holding spray works a treat especially with the winds we have been having.

  2. I was attracted to the White Sands range because it promised a reduction in frizz. This has long been the bane of my hairstyling life, and over the years I’ve tried an awful lot of shampoos and conditioners that made similar promises. I’m pleased to say that the White Sands range is hands down one of the best I’ve tried.

    It took only one wash for my hair to feel noticeably softer, and the associated relaxation of my hair meant the frizz had started to reduce already. I was really impressed; most other products seem to require a few uses to become properly effective. Naturally the White Sands shampoo and conditioner got more effective with every subsequent use, but it’s impressive how quickly it kicked in.

    I was pleased with the overall effect, too. My hair looked and felt good. The products have a subtle scent which is quite unique, and light enough that it doesn’t clash with any other perfumed products you may use. These are definitely products I’ll be looking to purchase in future.

    I also tried the Undercover Styling Spray. I probably didn’t get the best out of this, as I haven’t blow dried my hair with it yet. However, I used it on both damp and dry hair, and in both cases was happy with the result. It looks natural and feels quite soft (not that “crunchy” effect you get with some styling products), and even a small amount provides good hold. I have very thick hair which is hard to keep in a style; this spray worked well on it.

    So, these are high quality products which live up to their promises. They were gentle but effective and had a really positive effect on my frizz.

  3. Thank you Breauty and Lace for the opportunity to review White Sands Orchid Bliss revitalizing shampoo and conditioner and the ER Fusion.

    I couldn’t believe the difference these products made to my hair. My hair is usually frizzy and so dry but after using them I definitely saw a difference. My hair was so much smoother and shinier.

    The ER fusion is amazing and made my hair so soft and manageable and the best part is it lasts for thirty days.

    Great products which really work and do what they claim to do. I highly recommend them, you will definitely see a difference.

  4. About my hair: Almost to my bra strap, wavy, coloured, dry, frizzy. It’s winter so the frizzies are out and proud.

    Day one.
    Small white bottles. Looks good. Wow, clear shampoo how amazing is that.
    Instructions say use an amount the size of a quarter. Seems to be about the size of a 20 cent piece so yep I’ve got this.
    Wait, that’s not going to be enough, hmmm, okay I can always use more if I need.
    Working it through my hair I’m thinking that surely this is not enough but I check out my hands for bubbles anyway and would you look at that. All those bubbles, Maybe this is enough after all.
    Rinses out easy and now I have squeaky clean hair.

    Conditioner time and again a small white bottle with the same instructions. Seriously, how is this going to be enough conditioner, is this for really short hair. A 20c size of conditioner no way is that going to make it through me hair. Alright if needed I’ll add more which I probably will need.
    Starting at the ends I worked the conditioner all through my hair and would you believe it that small amount was enough. They have it right again. How, I don’t know but it’s enough.
    Rinses out conditioner and thought how dry my hair felt. This can’t be good. Oh boy it’s going to impossible to brush. Argh looks like my hair will be like straw. What have I done.
    Don’t give up, give it a chance not all shampoos and conditioners work the same.

    Time to blow dry my hair – straight. Wow feel how soft it is, the brush just glides through it.
    Look at that shine. My hair feels so light.
    I’m feeling pretty excited by this shampoo and conditioner.

    My hair, oh my hair has never looked and felt like this. It’s wonderful. I feel like one of those before and after commercials.

    Next morning I wake up and my hair is still straight. No need for the touch ups with the straightener today.
    Now comes the test. The rain is here and look no frizz. I checked multiple times a day waiting for the frizz to arrive and nothing. How is this possible. Usually one sign of moisture and out jumps all those little frizzy bits wanting to touch the water.

    Porosity the Fix.
    This was the item I chose to try as its for damaged, dry locks and coloured hair.
    It’s a purple product that I spray on either after using shampoo and conditioner or lightly misting on when my hair is dry.
    I’ve tried using it both ways and as we know that first brushing after applying product leaves you with tears in your eyes, and the ones for shine leave your hair oily, some products even leave your hair feeling heavy.
    Not this one. That first brush after feels like the usual brushing of your hair, there is no oiliness to your hair and as for feeling the product in your hair. You’ve never know you’ve put it in. Your hair will look and feel amazing.
    The back says that it provides the following benefits,
    Infuses silkiness, Yes my hair does feel pretty soft
    Controls frizz Why yes you do have those little things under control
    Moisture balance. I’m not sure exactly what this is or how it works.
    Adds shine My hair is certainly full of shine
    Smoothes Smooth, you wouldn’t believe how smooth it is now.
    Detangles Well that could be why it’s always so easy to brush
    Protects hair colour Have to use it a bit longer to check on the progress of this
    Minimize hair breakage Could be why there’s less hair in the shower after washing it.
    Thermal intelligent I believe you. I don’t know what this is either
    Defines natural beauty Really don’t think my hair has ever looked this good
    Reduces split ends My hair dresser can tell me that one next hair cut.

    I really really love how soft, shiny, smooth and easy to manage my hair is after using these products.
    It’s a little amount that goes a long way each time so even though the bottles are small it will still take a while to use it all.

    Thank you so very much to Beauty and Lace and White Sands for gifting me these products to use.

    I have one question. Where can I buy it from?

    1. Hi Ann-Marie,

      So happy to read you love the White Sands Australia hair care products!

      They are available in SA from 5 different wholesalers. If you visit and scroll down, you will see the wholesalers in SA displayed so you’ll be able to choose one closest to you!

      If they do not sell direct to the consumer, they will hopefully be able to recommend a professional hairdressing salon to purchase from!

      Best regards, the White Sands Australia team

  5. My hair has been looking horrific lately and White Sands haircare has been a blessing haha!
    The scent of their haircare products is divine. I love the texture of the shampoo and conditioner and find it really helps with the feel and management of my hair. I used the leave in treatment once so far, the treatment does say to leave in for a fair while and under heat lamps which isn’t possible at the moment but I left it in for about 10 mins in the shower and found it worked wonders for the texture of my hair. Thank you White Sands and Beauty & Lace for the beautiful products I’m glad to get my hair back on track after stressing it out 🙂 xx

  6. Thank you Beauty & Lace and White Sands for the opportunity of trying the shampoo/conditioner and the Infinity firm hold finishing spray. The Orchid Bliss that I was given is for Colour Treated hair but also helps with frizz.

    For the shampoo and conditioner they are both in pump out containers which makes it so much easier to use when showering. For my just above the shoulder length hair, I only needed about a 20c piece size of the shampoo on my hair. Being Sulphate free it’s not going to give you a big lathering but it easily gives you a slight lather. The liquid is clear and the fragrance is subtle but thankfully not overpowering for my sensitive nose.

    The conditioner is a white cream and feels lovely on your hair. After applying to just the ends of my hair, I left it on for 1 minute.

    Now my very dry hair even if I apply frizz control serums and dry my hair with a hair dryer or just dry naturally will always frizz up. I can honestly say that I did not experience this at all after using this product. It was just lovely to dry my hair naturally while doing other things and when it came to using the hairdryer, I was left with soft, shiny hair. It felt fabulous.

    I have used the shampoo/conditioner for about 6 times now and really loving the improvement of no frizz and manageable hair again. Hair is so much smoother and I go longer between washes too.

    The Firm Hold Finishing Spray came in handy the other week when we had huge winds here and we had to go out. Normally I am not a hairspray kind of girl due to it always feels tacky and is hard to brush out. This finishing spray feel beautiful on your hair and definitely does not leave a heavy feeling on your hair. It brushes out easily.

    I also used the finishing spray on parts of my hair when I was using my straightener and found it perfect.

    All in all, 3 fantastic products that I have thoroughly enjoyed trialling. My hair is enjoying the results I am seeing.

    I am totally enjoying using these products and being Sulphate Free is perfect for me as I do have to avoid SLS’s.

    I would like to ask White Sands a question though. I have already checked to see where I can buy more when mine run out but I don’t have a Salon near me to buy them. I just need to know if I can order direct from you and use Pay Pal?

    1. Hello!

      White Sands Australia currently retails through selected wholesalers Australia wide. In QLD you can purchase from KIMDEC which has an outlet in Salisbury.

      If this is not close to you, please visit and you can view all of our QLD wholesalers.

      We are so happy you’ve loved your White Sands experience!

      Best, the White Sands Australia team

  7. I’d never heard of White Sands products before this trial , but I am a definite fan now. I used to have thick hair when I was much younger. Now I’m older my hair is much thinner and a bit distressed from being colour treated and straightened .
    I love both the White Sands shampoo and conditioner. It is so gentle and smooth on my hair and I absolutely love the way it makes it feel, soft and silky and it even tames the frizz.
    The Fix is also amazing , I’d never heard of porosity before but it is definitely that. I’ve used it on my hair a few times already especially after my recent colour and I love it. It definitely helps the colour last longer and it’s not greasy like a previous product I’ve used. You don’t even need to use a lot. Definitely good value for money.
    Will definitely be recommending these products to family and friends.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and White Sands for allowing me to trial and review these products.

  8. Firstly I would like to thank you Beauty and Lace and White Sands for giving me the opportunity to trial these products.

    This trial came at the perfect time as I was going on holidays to the Whitsunday and the humidity usually makes my hair frizzy and hard to control. My hair is pretty straight usually but can become frizzy in heat and also sometimes after it has been washed.

    After using the shampoo and conditioner I took all the products away and washed my hair on the first day arriving as my hair was already becoming frizzy because of the humidity. The combination of the shampoo and condition works wonders in calming down the frizz. My hair felt so soft and silky after washing it too. You don’t need to use much, particularly with the shampoo as it foams up a lot with only a small amount. I would recommend leaving the conditioner in for a bit longer as it does have a better affect the longer it is left in.

    The other product I received was the ‘gel-us’ product. This product was fantastic too. It provides volume without the greasiness and oil look. It is a super easy product to use, you just put it in your hair after it has been washed and let it dry and your hair would dry with no frizz, great volume and look great! It would last a few days and you hair would still have great volume and look clean.

    Overall I was extremely happy with this product and brand. I will be buying this again for sure! I highly recommend this brand!

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to trial these products. First up, lovely scent. Some shampoos and conditioners, the scent is too heavy but this product is great. Even my husband uses it as it’s not overpowering.

    I colour my hair about once a month. I’m happy to say that the colour has stayed – has not been too harsh and washed out the colour. I also got to trial the smudge paste which has been great. I tried it on wet hair and let my hair dry naturally. It gave it some volume without weighing it down.

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