User Reviews: bhave Gun Powder

bhave have just released a new product to give all hair lengths and types a boost of extra volume and texture.

Fine hair can be such a challenge to get a great style to hold and look full, bhave can solve that problem for you with the new bhave Gun Powder.

bhave Gun Powder Matt Styling Dust - RRP$29.95 - Availble At Selected Salons Nationally copy

Key benefits include:

  • Delivers instant volume, texture and root boost to even the finest, limpest locks
  • Creates tousled texture for that messy, bed head look
  • Adds good grip so perfect for making those complicated up-dos stay put
  • Keeps excess oil under control and refreshes hair between washes
  • Makes freshly washed hair perform like “second day hair”
  • Holds shape and style in place
  • Can be reactivated with a quick “scrunch”
  • Stylish matt finish
  • Unique wand design with clever trigger delivery system puts you in control of how much dust is dispensed and precisely where it is deposited
  • Compact packaging is perfect for travelling and small enough to keep an extra in your handbag

bhave Gun Powder is super simple to use; apply dust into roots and gently rub in with your fingertips. Work in a small amount at a time and add more as required because less is more. Style, pin or backcomb as desired.

This product is free from Parabens, Sulphates and Sodium Chloride.
Suitable for all hair types and length, especially good for hair that requires extra volume and texture.

RRP$ 29.95 / 40ml

bhave is a proudly Australian brand of salon professional products that are never tested on animals. bhave Gun Powder is available NOW from selected hair salons nationally.

For stockist enquiries, please phone 1300 40 20 64.

6 of our members will be trialling bhave Gun Powder, find out what they think in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “User Reviews: bhave Gun Powder

  1. Occasionally I work with a Karaoke company singing at clubs and pubs, and last Friday was one of those nights. Getting ready at home, my hair was not sitting right, looked flat and boring, I was getting depressed. I glanced down and saw my little bhave bottle and decided to give it a go. It is so light it felt empty, I hadn’t used it until now because honestly I was really sceptical! I pumped a little in my hair – this fine dust came out of the bottle and sprayed onto my hair. I rolled my eyes – great. I messed my hair up a little where I had sprayed the product – bugger me! It’s doing what it said it would! I picked another spot and sprayed some more (spray really isn’t the right word – dispensed perhaps??) and messed my hair up a bit, styled here and there. Perfectly styled hairdo that was doing what I wanted it to!! I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised! The pack says less is more and they were right, you only need a little to achieve the messed up or styled “do” that you want. My hair held all night and the spot where it got a little flat, a quick fiddle had it right back where I wanted it!
    Thank you for letting me be a part of this trial! I will be recommending this for sure!

  2. Well what can I say, my hair is flat, lifeless, limp….just hangs there. It is very fine hair too, so I either straighten it or pull up into a pony and that’s my two options. I don’t think my hair has ever been styled! So when the trial for ‘bhave Gun Powder’ came up I jumped at the chance, and thanks to Beauty & Lace I was chosen!

    The bottle itself is a nice size and super light, so I can see it fitting in handbags to take out and about – and convenient for touch ups as the night goes on. The nozzle turns upwards to be used, so no powder falls out when not in use.

    Application is easy too, as the nozzle is the right size to dispense the amount of powder you pump out. You can see the powder when pumped, but once you work it into your hair it disappears. It did indeed add extra volume and fullness straight away to my roots, and it seemed to grip quite well! So the product does what it says it will do! I tried a few things like just loosely ruffling my hair to give it a boost; did some backcombing for extra extra volume. The only issue I had was the feeling of it on my fingers and when I went to wash my hair – not a huge deal breaker but I needed more shampoo than usual to feel like I had washed it out of my hair.

    Overall the bhave Powder Gun was an excellent product, it promises lift and volume and it sure delivers that – probably more volume than I knew what to do with! I really have to practice more with styling my hair – I’ve lived my whole life with no practice whatsoever – but with the quick pump and tussle of the roots of my hair, it was instantly lifted. Back to the mirror for some more practice now 😉 Thanks again Beauty & Lace.

  3. this product is very convenient, loved the scent can be a littel sticky but really gave my hair oopmh! so great for the handbag too. gives great texture and doesnt leave hair feeling to thick even though it looks it!
    will def buy again
    thanks B&L

  4. I loved the bottle this comes in, the nozzle wont depress when pointing down so Its great that you wont accidentally waste any!

    The smell of this product is amazing and it gave me a long lasting volume injection! I have super fine straight hair so it always looks so drab and limp. With a little sea salt spray through the lengths and the bHave gun powder on the roots, I looked amazing if i do say so myself!

    Ive never really bothered styling my hair before so I don’t have much experience but I didn’t need any to get an amazing effect!

  5. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial this product.

    I have very fine hair, that sits flat naturally, so getting some volume and height in my hair is always a challenge.

    Not anymore though! bHave’s Gun Powder works a treat at putting some much needed volume into my hair.

    It comes in a compact 40mls size bottle with a unique dispensing nozzle, that’s almost shaped like a rifle – hence the Gun Powder name.

    It did take a couple of uses before I worked out the optimal amount of powder my hair needed, but that’s where the nozzle is a genius application method – because it’s so controlled, it’s impossible to put too much product in accidentally.

    I found I didn’t need to use too much to get the results I want. A couple of squirts of powder has been enough to add volume and texture around my forehead and face, which is where I want more height.

    I’m really delighted with the results and will be buying this when my bottle runs out. I recommend this to anyone with fine, flat hair that needs more life and body in it.

  6. I found this quite fun. At first when I saw the bottle I wondered what it could possibly do for me. It’s so light and compact that I thought I’d only get a couple of uses at best. Wrong!! This is a product where a little goes a long way.

    My hair is quite fine and tends to look a little limp sometimes. A little boost with the bhave gun powder and suddenly I had life and volume again. I’m beautiful once more! You don’t need very much and it gave my hair a nice, thick, textured feeling.

    Only draw back for me is that I’m a daily hair washer. You can feel it at the root as you’re washing, and of course, more washing means more applications. I don’t use it daily though, just for when I want to feel a bit special.

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