Hairdo Human Hair Extensions

HairDo™ 100% Human Hair Clip-In Extensions

Now Available in Australia

Ever dreamt of having high-end natural hair extensions like those seen on countless Hollywood starlets like Jessica Simpson but without the hefty price tag? Australian women can now stop dreaming!

HairDo™ 100% Human Hair Clip-In Extensions – For a fraction of the price of professional extensions, you can now have temporary extensions of the same quality as those that are professional applied at great expense.

The great thing about HairDo™ is that it is virtually undetectable. If Jessica Simpson can get through the hoards of paparazzi & red carpet events for over 6 months while “road testing” the pieces without them being detected, chances are no one will ever know that you’re wearing them either.

human hairextensions

HairDo™ clip-in extensions also overcome the many challenges that come with permanent hair extensions. The ironic part about the permanent systems is that they are “not” actually permanent.

They generally last approximately 3 months, and then they require removal or re-adjusting.

Some of the major issues consumers have with permanent extensions are time, cost, commitment and maintenance. There is only a finite amount of consumers who would be prepared to pay $1,000+ and spend many hours in a salon chair for a service that will require continual ongoing maintenance.

HairDo™ 100% Human Hair Clip-In Extensions clip-in extensions can be cut, coloured, permed or heat styled. In other words, anything you do to your own hair, you can do to these extensions, which are available in a 21-inch set and in 15 different pre highlighted shades.

HairDo™ is also unique due to its one piece, multi layered construction. Many other clip-in systems consist of multiple wefts, being both complicated & time consuming for consumers to use.

RRP $549.00

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