Headlines Hair Pieces

Article written by Caroline from Hair Outaquin

Wow bright colours, highlights, volume, and length. Low maintenance and high quality products.

Anyone wonder how one minute Delta Goodrum has short hair and the next Long?  Headlines Hairpieces is what Deltas hairdresser uses to achieve the look, and look at The Young Divas all fans of Headlines Hairpieces.

There are a lot of clip in hairpieces coming in as popularity increases around the world but most are fake hair or poor quality in comparison to Headlines Hairpieces. They are just trying to get in quick and make some money. Headlines Hairpieces are assembled in Australia, very high quality and run by a hairdresser.


What’s the attraction you ask, well how many people want to change their hairstyle yesterday? Now there is a solution without ongoing costly maintenance and you can wear it how you want, when you want by simply clipping in the required look. You don’t have to worry about knotting through swimming etc as you just clip it out when not required.
They come in a range of lengths and colours both for volume and length and look and feel great.

Headlines Hairpieces also has a great product called Splice Curl a range of colours ranging from your standard blondes and browns to vibrant blues, greens, pinks, reds, oranges etc. They come in all lengths 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50cm.

Perfect for that different look. Just trying to achieve some of these highlighted colours is hard enough on someone’s hair let alone the frequency and cost to maintain the colour and once achieved most clients just cannot maintain.

Imagine if you wanted a few vibrant highlights tonight, well you can just pop them in, real hair, real colour instantly. Want them again in 8 weeks time, just take them out the draw and clip them back in, amazing. Or wear them all the time, they are real so you can iron them, curl etc.

Our clients just love them and we can hardly get enough of them. We still do a lot of the traditional style extensions but these hairpieces just allow a lot more clients to achieve different looks and colours they normally would not of had the time or finances to achieve.

You can check them out at www.headlineshairpieces.com.au and of course we carry them at Hair Outaquin.
Caroline Outten


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