Hair Fringes / The Big Bang Theory

Love them or hate them, nothing has more impact on a hair cut than the piece of hair worn across your face commonly known as a ‘bang’. For better or for worse, nothing is as dramatic as adding, or taking away, bangs from a hair cut.

No matter what the exact length, the bang or fringe area is the most sensitive point on the face. Rightfully so, as they can completely change the perception of your face shape, which may or may not be in your favor! Many years ago I was given such a hideous bang trim, I vowed to never cut them again as long as I lived.

I probably wouldn’t have, had a girl I worked for not taken the liberty herself without my permission. When she spun the chair around I gasped, but lo and behold she did me a favor. I continued to wear them for years, they even became part of my trademark.

While people may become known for a hair color, they are rarely known for their hair length, or amount of layers within a cut. A bang however, can give distinction to a style, and nothing increases the popularity of bangs more than when a celebrity shows up with them.

If you are contemplating adding fringe to your style, these are the things to consider. First and foremost, what is the growth pattern on your forehead? If it grows straight up, out, or curls, your chances of success are probably slim. Anytime hair is cut 3” or shorter, the growth pattern dictates, so if it is a short bang you desire be aware.

The other thing to consider is your face shape, particularly the top section from the eyes up. If you don’t know your face shape, ask your hairdresser or try this simple step. With your eyes closed, trace the outline of your face with one hand, simultaneously tracing with a pencil on a piece of paper.

This should give you a general idea of the widths and curves of your face shape. No one is born perfectly symmetrical, a bang can aid tremendously in giving the face shape balance.

The flip side to all the wonderful things cutting this fringe area can do for you, is the madness of growing them out. I do not exaggerate when I say it can make you insane!

Proof of this are the women who walk into my salon wearing a plastic flower clip to hold them out of their eyes. Unless you are under the age of twelve, this is not acceptable, period.

Often times your stylist can incorporate texture techniques to blend them in as they grow out. Otherwise, it is sometimes acceptable to tuck them away with a hidden hair pin, as long as they aren’t plastered across your forehead.

Next to long root hair that needs coloring, children’s hair clips are the most offensive way you can present your hair to the public. Punk rock and general costumes being obvious exceptions.

If you are somewhat apprehensive to incorporate a bang, but are intrigued by the general idea, start out slow. A thin section from the hair line, about an eight of an inch deep, may be all you need, and definitely the easiest to grow out. What is your favorite facial feature?

We all have one, bangs no matter what their length, can act as arrows pointing to a feature. Have a feature you don’t like as much? There is no cheaper and more flattering way to disguise a wrinkle or scar than sweeping hair.

No matter what you choose, your hair should be in harmony with your face shape, lifestyle, and styling preferences. Children’s hair clips aside, it does eventually grow out. It may be time for you to take a chance!

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