Hair Extension Types and Prices

Our hair extension expert Jak from Salon Shique answers commonly asked questions about hair extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions:

Weaves /Tracks – Your natural hair is finely woven into a structure to receive natural pieces of hair. The wefts are attached for a very natural look. Gentle, natural and effective.

Cylinders – Tiny metal cylinders are slipped onto your natural hair to hold the new hair extensions in place. The cylinders are locked together to hold the extension in place. Great for special effects and adding bulk. Not recommended for a full head of extensions.

Glue – Different types of glues can be used. Zak does not endorse this method at all.

Resin – A natural substance that is heated and bonds the new hair to your existing hair. We only use the highest quality keratin resin available.

Wax – Zak does not endorse this technique. Can be soft and sticky, and messy on hair.


What you should be asking:

Is the hair Asian, Indian, European or Russian?

Is the hair Russian virgin or in the disguise of European/Indian?

Does your hairdresser give you a written guarantee stating the quality of the hair?

What method/s will they be using?

How experienced are they?

Do they guarantee their work?

Do they have a portfolio of their work?

Are there any hidden costs?

In our opinion, if you are not totally confident in both the quality of the hair and of the salon, or your needs are not going to be entirely met, wait a little longer until you can afford and receive the best. Do your homework; call many salons before you make your final decision.

More questions answered honestly by Zac:

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Depending on length, from $400 plus

Q. What if I don’t like the end result?
A. Talk to your Shique stylist who will work with you, until you are totally satisfied

Q. How long will it take?
A. Full head of hair extensions generally take three hours

Q. How long does the end result last?
A. We recommend that you have your hair extensions removed and replaced every 8 to 10 weeks.
To have them removed it will cost you $75 which includes a beautiful hair and scalp treatment. To put your extensions back in will cost you $80 per track.

Q. How do I know if it’s quality hair that the salon is using?
A. Get the salon to show you all the different types of hair. If they only have one type, don’t go ahead

Q. Is it suitable for my type of hair?
A. Your stylist will assess you and your hair needs. He will check elasticity, condition, texture, scalp condition, and your personal hair routine.

Q. Can I wash it like normal hair?
A. Yes you can, however we suggest you shampoo only once to twice a week.

Q. Is the hair natural?
A. Yes, you can choose from Russian, European, Asian or Indian hair and this hair can either be hand or machine made, depending on your budget or needs.

Q. How is it done?
A. Easily and effortlessly. We have a unique tried and tested way of weaving.

Q. Does it look natural?
A. Yes

Q. Can people tell?
A. No, unless they come up to you and physically run their fingers through your hair.

Q. Is it hard to manage?
A. Because you have extra hair, you have a lot more hair to manage, so naturally it will take longer to dry, brush and look after.

Q. Who has them?
A. Everyone, from movie and rock stars and glamour models, to anyone who wants longer, thicker, full hair instantly.

Q. Does it damage my hair?
A. No, as long as you follow our hair maintenance program.

Q. Can I still wear my hair up?
A. Yes

Q. Will it ruin my hair?
A. No, we love your hair as much as you do

Q. How do I maintain my hair extensions?
A. Simply by following our hair extension maintenance sheet

Q. If I get tired of them, how do I remove them?
A. Your hair extension specialist will remove them for you at a cost of $75. Never remove them yourself.

Q. Can I still go swimming and play sport?
A. Yes, with our technique your hair extensions are safe and secure. We do not however recommend subjecting your hair to a spa or sauna, and it is advisable to cover your hair whilst visiting a solarium

About Shique:

At Salon Shique, we use a combination of both traditional and leading edge techniques such as: weaves, tracks, cylinders and resin to give you the most amazing results. This is because our stylists, under the supervision of our founder and specialist Zak, have the necessary experience within the hair industry and have been trained in all these different techniques.

By combining these, Salon Shique can help you achieve the best, most natural look for you. Be aware that other salons may only be educated in one of the systems, or are tied to a certain brand, so just remember that any technique in the wrong or inexperienced hands could lead to a disaster!

A true Specialist is someone who is totally educated in all techniques and uses them to maximum advantage to you and your hair. Zak, Director of Shique works with extensions every day. They are not an added sideline.

If you have any other questions just call Zak directly on (03) 9866 8088 or visit his website at 41 Ralston Street, South Yarra, Melbourne

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