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GLAMOUR EXTENSIONS, a company focused on providing top quality, cutting edge, clip-in hair extensions. With close to 30 years of top-level experience in the beauty industry, Glamour Extensions knows firsthand the most important aspects of building sales operations through quality marketing solutions.  We excel at this art because we’ve taken the time to develop and refine best practices for every detail related to the delivery of our products and services.

Glamour Extensions offers a full set of Clip-in hair extensions made with 100% Premium “Remy” Human hair. Remy hair is the highest quality hair available for hair extensions (Grade A hair). The hair is collected and processed keeping all its root ends at the same end, just like hair is naturally grown. For this reason the hair is almost completely tangle free.

As opposed to Silky Straight (Non-Remy) where the hair is collected and processed irrespective of which end the roots are facing. Glamour Extensions are designed to style effortlessly as you would your own hair. The extensions can be styled with any hot iron, brush, comb, gel, mousse, and/or hair spray.

An example of before and after:


Glamour Extensions are both thick to add volume and semi soft to yield high style ability, but with hold. Hard Hair can add volume but will not style. Ultra Soft hair will not hold style and is typically thin. Using the Remy, ultra soft hair will offer you the best of both worlds with volume and style ability.  We offer the set in Silky straight or Body Wave.

We make the difference through superior processes, Quality Comes First

Glamour Extensions has tested many competitors’ products to see where we stand with respect to overall quality, and we are confident that our product line is in the elite category within the industry. We think this conclusion is readily apparent to consumers as well.

Our company focuses on supplying its consumers with the highest quality products and making clients’ experiences with these products as positive as possible. In return, we are confident that our satisfied customers will assist us in spreading the word about the positive experiences they have come to expect from Glamour Extensions products.

We ship our product all over the world, making it available to any potential customer.  Glamour Extensions are purchased from many different areas in the world currently.

Industry Experience

Glamour Extensions possesses an extensive knowledge of the beauty industry, which includes having representatives that know about the behind-the-scenes side of the business.

A Trustworthy Supplier

Our service offerings and product line are unique in reference to the overall market, and we plan to make the most of our superior products and processes.
We possess a large supply base that makes an efficient and bountiful supply channel available to all of our business partners. Shipping is same day as purchase and is sent out by Priority Mail.



Glamour Clip In Pro Extensions

This month I tried the medium brown, clip in long hair extensions from Glamour Extensions.
They are made from 100% human hair, so they look and feel soft, just like your own hair, so they easily blend in.
My hair is fairly long already, but these hair extensions still add extra length, as well as making hair look thicker and fuller.

Included in the set are six 1.5 inch wide wefts which have clips attached, and can be attached to your existing hair.

The best thing about this product, because it is human hair it can be coloured and styled as necessary. The pack also comes with an additional two pieces without clips, which are samples you can test hair colour on. Plus, the clips are dark so they blend into your hair and don’t become uncomfortable, even after a long period of use.


I love wearing the Glamour Extensions in a long low pony tail for a more elegant look.

The Glamour hair extensions are excellent value for money, at just $89.99 USD, with shipping available worldwide. I have found these to be of excellent quality, and easy to use and customize. The colour selection as shown on the website was accurate, which resulted in a perfect colour match to my hair.

This is a great alternative to bonded hair extensions, as they can be added and removed whenever you like.

I would highly recommend the Glamour Hair Extensions range to readers.

Visit for more information or to purchase from this range.

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