Hair Extensions with Judy Klever (Christiane’s Hair Design)

Judy Klever is a fully qualified hairdresser who has worked in the hair industry for over 16 years.

She previously owned her own salon and is now the Technical Adviser at Christiane’s Hair Design, one of the largest hair salon chains in Australia.

Judy Klever

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Christiane’s Hair Design offer a variety of hair services and we asked Judy all about hair extensions:

What are the different types of hair extensions available?

Permanent hair extensions that are available include bead, weave and glue, there are also temporary options such as clip-ins and tape adhesive.

How long does the process take?

It takes approximately one and a half to two hours which includes a shampoo, blow-dry and trim to blend the extensions into natural hair.

What kinds of costs are involved?

Depending on extension length it will cost between $205 – 495 at a Christiane’s Hair Design salon.

Can I colour the extensions if I feel like a change?

You can absolutely colour extensions, but this should only be done by a professional!

How are they attached to my hair?

In simple terms, I would describe hair extensions as a sandwich effect. The extension uses a specialised tape adhesive to bind it to hair without causing damage.

How long will the hair extensions stay in my hair?

Hair extensions will stay in the hair for around 6 – 8 weeks.

hair extension

What hair types would not be suitable for hair extensions?

Very damaged or processed hair isn’t ideal for hair extensions.

If I have naturally curly hair can I get hair extensions?

You can get hair extensions if you have curly hair, but a little more home care is required. You would need to braid the extensions every night to create a natural wave.

What at home care is required?

You need to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair and extensions in great condition. But you must wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after your extensions are put in.

Will hair extensions ruin my natural hair?

Absolutely not, they are very safe!

How are they removed?

Hair extensions are removed amazingly, with baby oil! So no hard chemicals such as glue remover are used.

Are there any activities I can’t do with hair extensions, such as swimming?

The only things you would need to think about are things like jet skying or activities where you hair would get blown around a lot.

Can I style my hair as normal?

You should avoid very tight hair ponytails, but other than that you can absolutely style your hair as normal. Just make sure you use high quality products and take care when styling.

Will I need a special brush?

I would recommend using a hair extension brush or a soft paddle brush while you have extensions in.

Will I be able to blowdry, straighten or curl my extensions?

You can blowdry, straighten and curl your extensions without a worry.

How do I know if I am choosing a quality salon when it comes to hair extensions?

Make sure you sit down and ask questions about the salon’s experience with hair extensions so you feel comfortable. At Christiane’s Hair Design, each salon is consistent with training and products so you can rest assured knowing your hair extensions are in good hands.

Do you have any other tips for those thinking of getting hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a great option for people with fine hair looking to add some volume or if you want some added length.

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