Get the Look: Zooey Deschanel Hair

Zooey Deschanel stars in the hit television show New Girl and we love her quirky style.  If you want to recreate Zooey’s look at home, we have some tips to get you started.

We spoke with two ambassadors for Wella Professionals to give you the ins and outs of Zooey’s hairstyle and hair colour.

zooey deschanel


Marie Uva is Wella Professionals Colour Ambassador and she shared her tips for achieving Zooey’s colour:

Firstly it depends on what existing colour there is in the hair, if the hair was previously pre-lightened on the ends which seems to be the case with Zooey, I would use a marbleising technique.  This technique involves blending together two tones so we achieve a final result that is marbleised.

This gives the colour a lot more shine as the two tones give texture and not just a flat colour without a stripy or obvious difference. The colour selection would be in the brunette series, blending a cooler brunette with another brunette tone which is slightly lighter and slightly warmer.

I would be using Wella Colour Touch range (for ultimate shine) -6/71 and 7/1 alternating with 7/73.  I would finish off with the Wella SP Color Save mask for extra shine and to lock in colour. If the hair was not pre-lightened already I would add a few fused foils (colouring the ends only) before I applied the colour to achieve that contrast that Zooey has on the ends.


Frank Apostolopoulos is  the Wella SP Ambassador and he shared his tips for achieving Zooey’s style:

To achieve this look, it’s vital to prepare the hair prior by blow drying with volumising foam, taking care to thoroughly work it through from roots to ends.

Start removing moisture from hair with a blow dryer and once it’s almost dry, start smoothing sections of hair with a paddle brush, lifting the roots to achieve some body and fullness. When the hair is dry pick up random sections and begin to curl the hair with straightening irons, lifting the hair out from the mid-lengths to the ends.

It’s important to work quite organically with this process so the hair doesn’t look too “done” or too curly. Remembering this look is all about hair that has a relaxed and effortless result. Once all sections are curled, start tousling and stretching the hair out with a little bit of gloss to add shine and to highlight the movement. Always finish with a workable hairspray to hold the style, like Wella SP Perfect Hold.

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