Up-styles with Frank Apostolopoulos (Biba)

Frank Apostolopoulos is the Wella SP Ambassador and an expert in hair styling. Frank is from Biba in Melbourne and he took some time out to discuss up-styles with us:

What kind of up-styles are in fashion right now?

I have found that very formal up-styles are becoming less popular, with loosely pinned curls pulled to the side now a steady favourite.

Geometric shapes are also quite in at the moment- I’m seeing more people pulling and back-combing triangular shapes around the head. By curling and back combing the hair it’s easy to create something beautiful for formal events.

More and more people are encouraging messiness instead of a really sleek look. Soft loosely waved hair swept back is also a popular style that is often incorporated with braiding.

Have you noticed any particular trends from the catwalks and celebrity events?

Yes. Catwalks are becoming more avant-garde. Stylists are really exploring textures, pushing and pulling hair into shapes that aren’t natural.


(Image: Frank Apostolopoulos)

Which celebrity rocks the up-style?

Eva Longoria often sports a messy yet chic up-style and Natalie Portman has recently matched evening dresses with simple, classy up-dos (variations of twists or buns with sweeping side fringe).

The sleek pony tail is a current Hollywood favourite, with stars such as Kim Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon recently seen with different variations. Soft, Hollywood waves are also very on-trend, a style that Jessica Alba always looks great wearing.

What is the best way to disguise a bad hair day?

The best way to disguise bad hair is to curl it and/or put it up. You could maybe braid some on the side and bring it all toward the opposite side (think boho mermaid).

What kind of pony tail is in right now?

Either a messy low pony tail or a semi tight, perfect sleek pony tail at the crown with hair either slicked back away from the face or worn with a side fringe.

Is it OK to plait or braid, or is that a no-no?

Plaits and braids are never a no-no. Explore braids, fishtails, four strands…have fun with your hair.

low ponytail

What bridal hairstyles are popular right now?

More simple and elegant bridal styles are becoming popular. Soft waves, curls, half pinned or not pinned at all. Princess Kate was a perfect example.

What kind of up-style is most suitable for the office, while still looking fashionable?

A big bun, if you have thick hair that is easily tamed just wrap it up on your crown. A smooth pony tail or soft bun (think bread roll) are also good.

If your hair is quite fine there are pony tail pieces available; clip it onto your pony and wrap around it to make your bun thicker. The idea should be classy, tidy and modern without being too dull.

How can curly haired girls achieve the perfect up-style?

Just pin it up, try experimenting with braids, don’t be afraid of messiness, work with it and try to create an imperfect chic look.

How about the side pony?

Without straightening it, perhaps aim for a slightly messier style rather than trying to fight the curls by smoothing them down. Keep it low and maybe adorn with an accessory, such as a beautiful 1920’s clip.

What kind of up-style would be most suitable for girls with glasses?

Anything that opens up the face, a tight, high bun or high pony tail. Anything that exposes or provides structure for the face.

Can you recommend any products for the perfect up-style?

Wella SP Styling Elegant shape (RRP $33.50), Wella SP Styling Delicate Volume (RRP $33.50) and Wella SP Styling Perfect hold (RRP $33.50).

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