Changing Hair Colour with Marie Uva (Rokk Ebony Melbourne)

Marie Uva is the Colour Ambassador for Wella and the Creative Director for hair at Rokk Ebony in Melbourne. We were lucky enough to borrow her expertise and find out the answers to all your hair colour questions:

How do I know if an extreme colour change will suit me?

I think the best thing to do is to go to a professional colourist that will be able to inform you of the best tones that will be suitable for your skin tone, colourings and haircut etc.

Also I do recommend trying a wig on if it is an extreme colour, like going blonde to black.

Marie Uva

(Image: Marie Uva)

What do I need to consider if I want to go red?

‘Red’ is a very broad term. There are many different types of reds and depending on skin tone it is important to choose the correct red, or even how light or dark the red is.

Always opt for a great brand of colour – Wella Professionals have just released a new Shimmering Reds Colour Service, which delivers luminous, versatile reds with a couture approach.

Whether you want to refresh your red, move from blonde to strawberry blonde or opt for a new full head red colour, there is a service and shade for everyone.

Can you tell me which colours suit the different skin tones?

Usually warmer and more olive skin tones suit warmer tones and cooler skin tones with more pink undertones suit cooler flatter colours.

If I go from blonde to brunette and change my mind, is it difficult to go back?

Depending on the quality of the hair, yes it could be a lengthy process but not so much difficult. It is more about how you look after your hair and use the correct home products.

I always have a lengthy consultation with my clients when they are going blonde to brunette and depending on the condition of their hair I will also let them know how I long I estimate it may take for them to get back to blonde if they opt for a change after being brunette.

What at home maintenance is required after dying?

I suggest a colour safe shampoo and conditioner such as the Wella SP Color Save shampoo and Color Save conditioner (both RRP $32 each).

What are the different types of colour?

There is a semi permanent, longer lasting semi permanents, and permanent colours. Depending on the condition of your hair and result that is needed your colourist can help with recommending which product will be most suitable.

What colours are in fashion right now?

Bold and out there colours are making a statement, bright white blondes and of course red, red is the new BOMBSHELL and will be making a massive statement this year in hair colour fashion.

Any red goes and like I said earlier your colourist will be able to tailor a red that is suitable for your skin tone and colourings.

red hair

If my hair is damaged will dying improve the condition?

No, if it is damaged the best thing to do is treat your hair, with moisture and protein treatments to prepare the hair for colouring.

I recommend Wella SP Repair Mask and SP Hydrate Mask (both RRP $34 each) and in-salon treatments are also more intense. Speak to your colourist and they will be able to prescribe a suitable in-salon and home maintenance regime.

Are bad reactions to hair dye rare?

They are quite rare and usually clients will know that they are allergic or react to colour, this is why it is best to do a skin patch test before any colour service.

How do you feel about home hair colouring?

As a professional colourist I do not recommend colouring at home. I rarely use one colour or tone on a clients hair, for me it is impossible to tailor a colour to a clients hair with just one colour and that is what you will be getting if you colour your hair from a ‘box’.

I like to tailor colours and use a blend of techniques and colours to do so, I believe without the proper training this is impossible to do so at home.

If I am pregnant is it safe to dye my hair?

A very personal thing, if a client is unsure I always recommend that they speak to their doctor before I perform any service although I have coloured many pregnant clients.

Are foils still the best way to get multiple colours?

There are a lot of techniques that I play with to get multiple colours, such as marbleizing where colours are layered upon one another to marbleize together.

What are the latest hair colouring techniques that we should look out for?

Balayage was big and still is, but I think we are all a bit over it. I am opting for different ways in applying colour to create bold results to suit current trends.

One that I am loving is marbleizing in which I have used in my latest collection. This is layering colours upon each other that are relatively close in colour depth or tone to create variation in the overall colour. I do like seamless colour but I love using bold and bright tones.

5 thoughts on “Changing Hair Colour with Marie Uva (Rokk Ebony Melbourne)

  1. This is a great article as I love to change my hair colour and there are lots of good hints and tips here. Right now I am considering colouring my hair red and wasn’t sure whether to go bold & bright or a bit more muted so now I have some ideas about how to go about it.

  2. Fantastic article. My hair is dyed red but I’m waiting for it to grow out then I’m going to dye it chocolate brown.

  3. Love hearing about what hair colours are going to be big for the season. Funny how red is back in again. I think its a standard colour for winter now. Brings a bit of colour into the grey months. I’m sure I do need to find out which colour suits me but with my budget the supermarket colours are fine for me and over the years I’ve worked out which colours I think suit me better. Had lots of bad colours too.

  4. What perfect timing reading this article. I was in the mood for a change and this answered a number of my questions. I love the sound of marbleizing – sounds great, and the included photo is gorgeous. Maybe I should stay red after all……

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