ghd Professional Brush Range

We all know ghd make hair straighteners, and now the popular brand has launched a range of professional hair brushes. While we no longer brush our hair 100 times a day, our tresses still require some love and quality brushes can make or break your style.

There are fourteen new brushes and combs, each with a different use and all of salon standard.

The range includes four Ceramic Vented Radial Brushes (prices start from $27.00) in various sizes to suit any hair length or hair type. These are vented and would be suitable for blowdrying.

The Natural Bristle Radial Brushes is for the frizzy haired girls amongst us, the bristles are made to combat static and give you a smooth finish. (Prices start from $32.00)

ghd Retail Brush range

My favourite is the Paddle Brush, this is the brush you would throw in your bag and use whenever you need to get rid of knots and tangles. The bristles are synthetic with round tips and give you a nice scalp massage as you brush. Recommended for long hair. (Prices start from $34.00)

The Oval Dressing Brush is used at the end of styling, it gives you that finished smooth look. (RRP $34.00)

There is a Detangling Comb which we can all use, it is for smoothing and as the name suggests, detangling. Good for after swimming or other exercise! (RRP $12.00)

Lastly there is the Tail Comb, a must for any serious style-istas, you can use it for sectioning to create any hairstyle you can imagine, from blowdrying to braiding you need a tail comb in your beauty kit! (RRP $12.00)

The ghd Professional Brush range is available now!

For stockist information call 1300 880 209 or visit

Have you tried any of the above brushes? We’d love to hear what you think!

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