Schwarzkopf Professional BC Color Freeze

If you are a girl who colours her hair you will be constantly battling the colour fade. Schwarzkopf Professional may have just found a solution to make your colour last that little bit longer with their new BC Color Freeze range.

Color Freeze is made to hold that vibrancy that you have the day you walk out of the salon, by freezing the colour pigments in place. Schwarzkopf Professional state that even after 30 washes these products will provide up to 90% colour retention and 100% colour and shine.

There are three shampoos in the range. Color Shine is for over-processed hair to give it back that shine and lustre damaged hair is lacking. Sulfate-Free is gentle on your hair with added  sun protection. Silver Shampoo is for blonde or grey haired girls and gets rid of that brassiness as it tones your colour.

Step two is to condition and there are two options to choose from. There is a traditional, use in the shower version for normal to coarse coloured hair, you can use it every day if you need to. It’s a creamy formula and it helps protect your hair against environmental fading such as from the sun. The other alternative is the Color Freeze Spray Conditioner, this is a leave in product which helps detangle and continues to work until you wash it out.

A good mask is essential for healthy hair, and the Treatment gives you intensive moisturising and nourishing while of course, helping to prevent colour fade.

bc color freeze

Thermo-Protect Cream is a leave in treatment for those with coloured hair who like to style with heated tools. Your hair needs all the protection it can get from those 200 degree straighteners!

Finish with Coloured Ends, this balm is for prevention of split ends. Colour treated hair will be weaker and more prone to breakages so this is a handy tool to give your hair its best chance at survival!

Your local hairdresser may also give you the option of using a Post Color Shine Service, this is a salon treatment which will give your freshly colored hair an instant freeze. The ideal compliment to the rest of the collection.

Products are priced from $18.50 to $25.95 from selected salons. For your nearest stockist please phone: 1800 251 887


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