Zelo At Home Keratin Hair Straightening Kit

Keratin hair treatments are popular right now but with pricetag of around $400 and a visit to the salon every 3 months it was only a matter of time before at home versions hit the shelves.

When I heard about the Zelo Straightening system I had to find out more – it’s from the US but the lovely ladies there kindly sent one over so we could share the results with you.


Having hair that is in the process of being lightened I was a little cautious about using this myself, so I enlisted the help of a human guinea pig – Katrina. With hair that is naturally curly and about shoulder length, it is unprocessed and prone to frizz. Katrina normally straightens her hair if she has time, or ties it back because there is little love where her curls are concerned.

Before I start with the review of the Zelo Keratin Straightening products I really want to set something straight (pun intended). There is no formaldehyde in this product and most brands, both in salon and home versions no longer use this ingredient. Formaldehyde is potentially toxic and can cause serious side effects so please be aware. The other point I want to mention, which may or may not be to do with the lack of formaldehyde, is that if you have curly hair you shouldn’t necessarily expect that your hair will be polka straight afterwards…but you should expect your hair to be more manageable at the very least.

kat 1
This is Kat's hair BEFORE Zelo. It has been pulled back in a ponytail so it would normally be even curlier than this.

To begin the Zelo at home Keratin treatment you first need to wash your hair twice with the clarifying shampoo. It’s recommended not to rub it on your scalp, this step is important because it removes all the impurities and opens up the hair shaft.

Next we dried hair and parted it into sections. I put the gloves on and it was time for the Action Keratin to be applied. This comes in a spray bottle so you take small sections and make sure all the hair is covered. I ended up using the entire bottle, I probably went a little overboard but I didn’t want to miss any spots. The scent wasn’t bad at all, (except for poor Kat who got a few sprays near her face when I accidentally held the squirter the wrong way), but very bearable and quite pleasant.

Once the hair was covered in product we blowdried, it felt thick, wet and sticky – not the nicest feeling but that’s just the keratin doing it’s job. When hair was “dry”, and I say dry because it still felt wet with all the product, I re-sectioned and went about straightening with a hair straightener. You really need one with temperature control, I have a nifty little Remington number and set it to 190 degrees Celsius. This is a timely process and I can’t imagining doing it to myself, because you need to carefully go over each section of hair, slowly, 3 or 4 times.

Katrina’s hair still felt heavy, but the beauty of Zelo is that you don’t need to leave it in for days – you can wash it out when you are ready. You do need to make sure you find a shampoo and conditioner without sulfate or salt, which is virtually impossible for your typical supermarket brands so it is worth investing in the Zelo products. For the first wash you use conditioner only, and after that you can use both.

Now, the moment you have been waiting for!! The verdict!! What happened when Katrina washed her hair? Well, it wasn’t dead straight but she definitely noticed a difference. Her hair is now wavy, much softer and smoother with less frizz. And when she straightens it, it is much shinier and straighter than ever before.

Kats hair
This is Kat's hair AFTER Zelo, it has been washed and left to dry naturally.

The keratin in Zelo improved the look and feel of her hair, and even though it’s not straight, she still loves it and would do it again.

Any negatives? Katrina notices a strange smell when her hair is wet. Zelo explains why, and how to prevent this from happening,

It is very important that you wash your hair thoroughly with water on your first wash. The scent she’s smelling is a lingering sulfur. This wont damage the hair but it’s something we’re going to include in our instructions. This goes for all keratin brands and just make sure she does a very thorough rinse and get any lingering product and buildup out.

Thank you Phylicia from Zelo for assisting with this – on a side note, they have excellent customer service and always willing to help with any questions you have about the process!

For more information on Zelo please visit them at: www.zelocare.com

Have you tried an at home Keratin treatment? Tell us what you want us to test and we will try our best to find them!

2 thoughts on “Zelo At Home Keratin Hair Straightening Kit

  1. Thanks for the review of our product. She’ll notice that whenever she straightens her hair with a flatiron it will remain perfectly straight between washes without reverting to frizz and curls and a reduction in time to flatiron in.

  2. I have similar hair to Katrina’s but probably a lot more frizzy. I think for the price of the product it is definately worth having a go. At least you dont waste hundreds of dollars.
    I had my hair straightened when I went to Thailand a few years back and it lasted about 4 months and cost $130.00 over there, I think people were paying about $500.00 back here at the time.

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