Ask an Expert: Dos and don’ts of at-home hairstyling (Rich Tran)

With Sydney and Melbourne in lockdown – and many other states dealing with both restrictions and snap lockdowns – split ends, box colouring and bathroom haircuts are making a comeback. But just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean that we need to give up on salon-looking hair.

With research showing that bad hair days can actually have detrimental effects on our self-esteem – it’s safe to say that we need beauty routines and products that make us feel good, now more than ever!

Considering it could be months before your next proper salon visit, here are a few of my top dos and don’ts for at-home haircare to consider before attempting DIY styling. With these best practices in mind, you’ll come out of this lockdown looking almost as fresh as when you entered!

DON’T: Box dye your hair at home! Although it can be tempting to refresh your hair colour, the artificial colour from a box can add a red or orange pigment to your hair that will be super difficult for hairdressers to work with or make lighter when the time comes.

Hair expert, Rich from Ultrafade

DO: Instead of changing up your hair colour with potentially damaging dye, consider maintaining the colour you DO have with custom colour hair masks. Salon-quality products, such as this Fanola After Colour Mask from AMR, can do wonders for hair that has been bleached or for colour that is fading.

DON’T: Cut your bangs at home! Despite popular belief, there’s a certain technique to cutting bangs that can be quite tricky to master. If done incorrectly, you can have a real mess on your hands – for months! No one wants an awkward clunk of hair dangling in front of their face for weeks on end.

DO: If you’re itching to change up your look, there are much easier options that you can experiment with at home. For example, try clip-in hair extensions to add volume and length, such as these from Hey Stacey. They’re versatile and simple to use – giving you the new look you’re craving without the potential blunder.

DON’T: Wash your hair daily. For those with oily hair, this can feel painful. But those natural oils are actually great for your hair. Washing your hair every day can really dry out your scalp and damage your hair in the long term. 

DO: Use the right shampoo for your hair. For those with oily hair, opt for shampoo such as Fanola Re-Balance shampoo from AMR, to help really clean oil out of your scalp and leave your hair looking (and feeling) clean for longer. For those with dry hair, try Fanola Nourishing Restructuring shampoo. 

DON’T: Use styling tools on MAX temperature! While many people leave their styling tools permanently on the highest temperature, the max heat is not meant to be used regularly. In fact, that level of high heat can actually burn off the colour tones in your hair and can damage it enough to cause split ends. 

DO: If you’re someone that’s styling their hair during lockdown, in addition to bringing down the heat of your tools, consider using hydrating oils on the ends of your hair frequently to avoid split ends.

By Rich Tran, hairstylist and owner of Ultrafade

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