Scaevola go-Kera Hair Smoothing Treatment

If you want smoother, stronger hair, then it’s time to consider a hair smoothing treatment.

Keratin is a protein and it’s naturally found in your hair. But hot tools, colouring, and age, can all cause the hair to become brittle. This leads to breakage, the frizzies, and dry, lacklustre hair.

Does this sound like your hair? Then you could benefit from a keratin boost. Salon treatments can be expensive and time consuming, but now you can do it yourself. At home. With minimum fuss.

Before we tell you about go-Kera, let’s talk about formaldehyde. This is a nasty, cancer-causing chemical that is found in some straightening treatments, even in salon. You should avoid it. It’s not good for your hair, or your health.

Now let’s talk about go-Kera from Scaevola. This DIY hair smoothing treatment system does not contain formaldehyde.

It’s designed in Australia and made in Brazil, and the starter kit has everything you need to rejuvenate your hair. It’s made to smooth your hair, and rebuild that youthful keratin.

When you use the go-Kera treatment you can reduce drying time. For those with wavy hair, your locks will be straighter and smoother. For those with frizzy hair or curls, you can expect your curls to be looser and easier to manage. It’s ideal for those who suffer from the effects of humidity, or those who want to save hairstyling time in the morning.

In the pack you get a cleansing shampoo, smoothing treatment, and plastic gloves. The shampoo is the first step, preparing your tresses for the keratin treatment. You need to wash twice to make sure any impurities and existing product are removed.

Next, you’ll need to dry your hair completely. When you’re ready, divide your hair into six sections. We recommend using sectioning clips, they only cost a couple of dollars and will make the process much easier.

You’ll also need a brush to apply the go-Kera formula. Apply the keratin smoothing product and brush it through each section. Do the frizziest bits first, and work your way from the root to the tip. A little goes a long way, so take your time and only use what you need.

Once you’ve applied the keratin smoothing treatment, it needs to stay on for the recommended time frame. For normal hair it’s thirty minutes, for blondes it’s twenty minutes, and for thick hair it’s forty minutes.

Rinse thoroughly, and don’t get it into your eyes. You may like to ask a friend to help you. Once you’re sure you’ve removed all of the solution, it’s time to dry your hair. Once it is completely dry, get your sectioning clips and divide your hair again.

You’ll need your flat iron to set the treatment. There are different temperature recommendations so choose the one that matches your hair type. For example, damaged hair should be at a low temperature with fewer straightening strokes. When you straighten, keep your sections thin for maximum smoothness.

And with that, you’re done.

Here’s a few before and after shots from the Scaevola website:

Before we go, we know you have questions.

Can you use go-Kera on blonde hair?

Yes, but you’ll need to follow the blonde hair advice on the Scaevola website and choose the lowest heat setting.

Do you need to need to use go-Kera products after using the treatment?

It’s recommended you use their shampoo, leave-in mask, and conditioner to prolong the life of your treatment.

Is go-Kera right for me?

While most people get good results from smoothing treatments, it won’t be right for everyone. You can start with a patch test or speak to your hairdresser for advice.

Do you need to straighten your hair after a keratin smoothing treatment?

Most people don’t end up with poker straight hair after a keratin smoothing treatment. However, you can expect smoother, healthier hair. It’s recommended you blow-dry your hair after each wash.

Ready to try? The DIY starter kit costs around $80, and you can find it at Scaevola.


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