How Much to Pay for a Hairdresser?

We have all had a great pair of jeans at some point in time that we wish would last forever. In fact you take special care of them in an attempt to lengthen their life span.

If embellished, we take extra special measures, perhaps even hand washing them with the mildest products, then gently laying them out to dry. Your hair, unlike those fantastic jeans, is an accessory you never take off, and you wear it24/7. Why wouldn’t you take at least that much care for it?

I recently decided to book a hair cut with a celebrity stylist during an upcoming vacation in Los Angeles. For me, trips to L.A. are an opportunity to update and refresh my sense of fashion, and natural to include a trip to a hip salon in that scenario.

The question that seems to be coming up frequently with my friends is, “what is that going to cost you?” It raised the question within myself, being in the reverse role as a client, can you really put a price on great hair? I mean really, can you?

I think the answer to that is very individual, depending largely on your fashion needs, expectations, and what Mother Nature dealt you to begin with. If you have beautiful hair, perfect skin, and amazing bone structure then long hair or a basic bobbed hair cut may be as elaborate a style as you need.

Of course if this is true, you are probably twelve years old and pre-pubescent, or you are an adult and have an amazing plastic surgeon. At about the age of thirteen raging hormones begin to wreak havoc on our bodies, most evident in our hair and skin.

If there is one thing that defines a woman by her appearance, it is definitely her hair! Perhaps make-up plays the next role of importance, then her attire, with shoes being highest of importance. Did you know style conscience people will size you up in under a minute by just glancing at your shoes?

When considering what you are willing to pay, remember expensive salons usually set a high standard for their employees, including continuing education, almost guaranteeing you a fantastic cut and or color. In fact it probably really is guaranteed, I know I won’t let anyone leave my salon without having their expectations completely fulfilled, if not exceeded.

Which isn’t to say you cannot achieve great hair on a budget. Be aware that salons boasting a low, affordable price often referred to as ‘specials’ are usually trying to meet quotas. The emphasis is put on the quantity of cuts the stylist produce per day, not on the quality.

The appeal of these salons to the stylist working in them is, they usually offer extensive and immediate benefits, so it is not unusual to find a great hairstylist in these environments. It is also common for stylist with little experience to be working there, the trick is figuring out the difference. They usually operate on a first come first serve basis, so you don’t necessarily get to choose who does your hair that day.

A more viable option in choosing a stylist on a tight budget, is to participate in a salons education program. We are constantly looking for people to experiment on! Some salons have allotted times as frequent as once a week for training programs.

These student stylist are being groomed to perfection for high positions within that salon, usually by the top stylist themselves supervising them in this situation. This will most likely result in an extraordinary style for you, at a low, low price.

The saying that “you get what you pay for” could never be more true when it comes to your hair! It is the one accessory that you go to bed and wake up with day after day. Invest well and your return is priceless. After all, aren’t you worth it? Of course you are!

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