What is Brazilian Blowout Zero?

Professional smoothing treatments are extremely popular right now, they have the ability to transform frizzy or curly hair into smoother, straighter hair without the damage of traditional straightening methods.

While we have heard a lot about keratin treatments, the Brazilian Blowout Zero is more advanced. The first major difference is  that Brazilian Blowout Zero is plant derived and contains 0% Formaldehyde – that’s absolutely none, making it much safer!  It also has zero downtime. By zero downtime we mean once you walk out of the salon you can wash and style your hair as normal, you don’t have to leave the treatment in.

joline before

(Image: Joline Before)

joline after

(Image: Joline After)

The  Brazilian Blowout Zero salon treatment will take approximately 90 minutes depending on the length of your hair and the results will last up to 12 weeks. Every time you wash your hair you will experience a much shorter styling time which is perfect for summer.

There are a few things you should know before using this treatment:

* It is best to have your hair coloured before the treatment (same day is OK), but if you prefer to do it afterwards you will need to wait 10 days.

* It is recommended you use the Brazilian Blowout aftercare products after the treatment.

* Chlorine and Salt water acts as an exfoliant so may remove some of the treatment, but this can be minimalised by applying the Brazilian Blowout Acai Daily Smoothing Serum prior to swimming.

* Make sure you choose a hairdresser who is experienced with the product and confirm that the treatment they will be using is Brazilian Blowout Zero as there are a range of other smoothing products out there. This is not something you can do at home, as it requires training!

jen before

(Image: Jen Before)

jen after

(Image: Jen After)

* The treatment gradually washes (not grows) out, so your regrowth won’t look curly while the rest of your hair is straight.

* The effects during pregnancy and breastfeeding haven’t been researched so it is best to avoid Brazilian Blowout Zero if you are a mum to be.

* It is not guaranteed that you will walk out with super straight hair (this really depends on what your hair is like to start with), but you will walk out with smoother, more manageable hair.

* Over time, this treatment will cumulatively make the condition of your hair improve, it won’t make it worse.

* Brazilian Blowout Zero is a new version (without formaldehyde) of the old Brazilian Blowout which is no longer available in Australia.

Brazilian Blowout Zero started in Hollywood and is making headlines all over the world. For your nearest qualified hairdresser please phone Haircare Australia on 1300 437 436

Have you had Brazilian Blowout Zero or an alternative smoothing treatment? Did you have a good or bad experience?

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