Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak

Blessed (or should I say cursed) with naturally curly hair that is prone to the frizzies, I am forever looking for products to recommend to other girls with thick unruly hair…and I am in lust with Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak.

Argan Oil, which you might know as Moroccan Oil, is not just a fad ingredient but something that really does work to smooth and conditions otherwise unmanageable hair. This special oil is made from kernels of the argan tree which is found in, you guessed it, Morocco.

Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak

Kiehl’s has been around since way back in 1851, and that means experience and beauty knowledge that only comes with years of product creation. This luscious hair treatment is silicone free and paraben free and while the scent might not be for everyone, I am a big fan and it lingers after washing.

For winter this is a really good choice, it is nice and rich with cocoa butter and gives you a step up against humidity and the dreaded “moisture in the air”.

Say bye bye to fly-aways, and hello to sexy smooth waves. A good tool against frizzies, flyaways, thick and unmanageable hair.

Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak has an RRP of $58.00

For your closest stockist please phone: 02) 9931 8888

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