Style Alert! Stay Ahead Of Winter Hair Trends With These Inspirational Ideas

With fall well and truly upon us now, there’s never been a better time to update your look ahead of the festive season. Many of us get itchy feet around this time of year, as the fashions and trends of summer slowly start to phase out. Plus, fall can be a time to experiment with different textures, colors and cuts – whether you’re talking fashion OR hair. But if you’re not interested in getting an entirely new winter closet (we can only dream of affording that!), changing up your hair can be an easy way to transform your look. If you’re lacking in inspiration, take a look at these hot winter hair trends that are sure to make an impact.

The blunt ‘lob’

Going for the chop is a scary prospect. We’ve all been at both ends of the spectrum, after all. Sometimes you go for a drastic cut and you love it – other times, you tell the stylist you love it right before you go home and cry. But the key to nailing a successful cut is to make the trend workable for YOU. Blunt cuts are incredibly popular at the moment, and are a great stylish option if you need to get rid of some damaged ends. But don’t feel as though you need to go for a cut so severe that your hair sits above your shoulders. A long bob (or a ‘lob’, as it is usually known) can look chic and classy with a blunt cut at the ends too. Plus that way, you can get it shorter the next time you go to the salon, if you’re feeling brave!


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The swish factor

On a completely different note, long flowing locks are pretty much always in fashion. Fall is the season to play with layering, so why not make your hair a statement part of your outfit too? If you’re looking for an easy way to achieve gorgeous, healthy looking hair, shop around for the best hair weave. You can normally buy clip in extensions, or another popular option is buying the weave yourself and then having a professional attach it to your natural hair. Remember to take into account how thick your hair is when purchasing a weave, as buying one that doesn’t match up will be a dead giveaway.


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The rich color

One of the easiest ways to bring your hairstyle bang up to date is by changing the color. Many people prefer to go to a salon to get a new color, simply because they know they are in safe hands. But with a little bit of education, it is actually fairly easy to recreate the look at home using drugstore products. Fall and winter are all about rich, warm colors. So if you’ve been a blonde all your life and fancy a change, now could be the time to come over to the dark side! Rich mahoganies, hints of purple and chocolate browns all look stunning and also compliment many of the fashions that emerge between October and February.

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