Get the Look: threeASFOUR Autumn/Winter 2011

Thomas Dunkin is a lead stylist and Sebastian Professional Global Design Team Artist.

He recently worked on the hair for the threeASFOUR show at New York Fashion Week.


Thomas discusses the unique look and explains the products he used:

threeASFOUR Inspiration:

This season, threeASFOUR was inspired by string art and the curves and shapes of musical instruments, fascinated by sound resonance and the core-reaching vibrations made when one strikes a string.


1.     To start, dampen hair down with water and blow it out straight. Next, spritz hair with Shine Define and use a straightening iron to get hair very flat and extremely straight so you can create a strong graphic shape.

2.     Take a big asymmetric section of hair from the front to just below the occipital bone, this can be central or off to one side.

3.     Pull the rest of the hair into a very tight ponytail. Saturate the sides with Liquid Steel to keep it very tight and wet-looking.

4.     Comb the front across one eye and sweep into the back, fastening with a bobby pin. The shape in profile has a lot of skin showing in the center of the sweep. It’s shaped and secured with A LOT of Shaper Fierce hairspray.

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