Autumn Hair with Keiren Street (Head & Shoulders)

Keiren Street is the Expert hair stylist for Head & Shoulders, and he shared all the latest Autumn hair news with us in this recent Q&A:

What are the current hair trends for Autumn / Winter 2011?

There is definitely a trend towards textured hair styles, the messy crop is a prime example, choppy layers with movement are really coming in. The dead-straight blow-dry is out, textured and a little messy is in.

Which celebrities have the hottest hairstyles right now?

Olivia Palermo always has great hair, the colour and style work so well on her and it’s always in great condition – rich brunette and shiny. Jennifer Aniston’s new modern bob is just amazing, it’s just perfect for the change of season.

Many of us choose to go darker in Winter, what shades of brunette will be popular?

Rich chocolatey shades are always popular, ladies just want a colour that shines and stays glossy. Brunette shades tend to do this better than lighter ones. Ballayage is definitely out for Winter, is all over deep, rich colours that we’ll see.

Should we change our hair care routine with the cooler weather?

It’s important to really keep up conditioning treatments and your anti-dandruff haircare routine. In the winter, the combination of cold winds and hot central heating can cause havoc with your hair and scalp health.

Use deep conditioning treatments at least once a week, and I always recommend regular use of Head & Shoulders to keep any dry, sensitive or irritated scalp concerns at bay.

Keiren Street

How does the changing of season affect our hair and scalp?

The change in weather conditions, mostly the change from hot to cold as we go outside and indoors, can make your hair dry out and go brittle and your scalp can dry out – just as your skin does. This means moisture is key, Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care with almond oil is the perfect solution for keeping your scalp and hair balanced and moisturised.

What causes dandruff?

Dandruff has many causes, but mostly its sufferers are those who are just unlucky to be susceptible to the fungus that causes it. There’s no absolute cure for it, but head & shoulders shampoos and conditioners will keep the problem at bay with regular use.

If you suffer from dandruff is it better to wash your hair more or less often?

It’s not about how often you wash – although too frequently can remove all your natural oils and end up doing more harm than good. I recommend washing every other day if you can.

Do you have any tips to avoid the frizzies due to moisture in the air?

Leave-In serums and creams are usually the best way to keep frizzies away, but I always love a gloss spray which works wonders.

What is your number one tip for girl’s suffering a bad hair day?

Come up with your own personal fail-safe up-do, I always think plaits and braids work really well to tame unmanageable hair. A braid starting from a deep part across your hairline and down into a plait works to hide scary hair.

Are there any new or innovative hair services you can tell us about?

Colour glazing is great, these give your hair instant shine without changing the colour – a perfect change-of-season pick me up.

In-salon you can also get customised hydrating treatments which can re-hydrate your hair post-Summer.

The Brazillian Blowout and Keratin straightening treatments are also fantastic for fighting frizz and making blowdrying faster.

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