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The modern man is beginning to pay more attention to his appearance and hair styling seems to be a major part of that. I was surprised to discover that one of the football players in the club I’m involved in was sure to bring his straightener on game day so he could do his hair after the game, I understand men being more aware of their look and personal style but I thought that was a little extreme. It is a definite demonstration of the extra care men are taking with their grooming in modern society.

Lock Stock & Barrel  is a brand inspired by iconic British style that was conceived in 2006. Mark Snowdon, brand director, and his team have created a range of professional products specifically designed for grooming the modern man. The brand understands what a modern man needs and the range was created to meet their demands and embrace their individuality.

The range consists of seven unique styling jars and two powerful cleansing and conditioning products. We have one of each at our house at the moment and hubby has been having a play.


The Reconstruct Protein Thickening And Strengthening Shampoo smells delicious. That was the first thing I noticed, the scent, which is strong from the bottle but quite subtle actually in hair. A gorgeous blend of citrus and caramel that is both strong and masculine – definitely sexy. But I guess that’s not the most important thing about it. So let me tell you a little more.

This shampoo contains a unique cleansing formula utilising a blend of specialised Panthenol (Vitamin B5) enriched proteins to infuse into the hair cuticle to assist in strength and volume building while remaining gentle. Perfect for men with fine, limp, thinning or lifeless hair.

The protein infusion contains – Hydrolysed Keratin to bond to the outermost layer of the hair and  help to increase the external diameter of the hair shaft. Hydrolysed Wheat Protein which is also known as Phyto Peptides and help to retain moisture as they deposit a film on to the hairs inner layers to give the hair greater body. Keratin Amino Acids penetrate deep to reconstruct damaged proteins, helping to lock moisture in and improve strength and rigidity of hair.

Hubby is happy with the shampoo and what it’s done for his hair but he’s not a very talkative man so when I asked him about it I got “It’s alright, it’s shampoo…what can you say about shampoo!” so not really much help!

This shampoo is available in 250ml bottle – RRP: $22.50 and 500ml bottle – RRP: $36.00

Disorder Raw Earth putty is something completely new to me! All hair putty is totally new to me to be honest. I understand gel and I understand mousse but putty, and even wax – I just don’t get it. Probably a good thing I’m not a man then! Hubby said this was alright but he’s not really into a matte finish. Again, not very helpful, so I thought that I could style up Mr 3 just to see how it all worked and the end result – Mr 3’s hair is too long to hold a style.

This putty is modern and versatile with a matte finish. It gives strong styling control with great hold while still retaining flexibility in the styling stages. This putty is perfect for shorter styles to create that messy texture and volume of the not done look. A look that is extremely popular with the teens these days!

True to it’s name Raw Earth contains Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite as well as Silica and Pumice for that unique gritty, earthy, gathered texture. It is surprisingly scentless and a nude colour. Sure to be a hit with young men making a statement I think!

RRP: $26.50

For the entire range and to shop online head over and visit at: www.spacem.com.au

Do the men in your life have any quirky grooming habits you can share with us?

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