Get the Look: sass and bide (London Fashion Week)

On Friday 16th September sass & bide featured their Spring / Summer collection titled “Seekerstate” on the runway at London Fashion Week. ghd Hair Australia supported the show and hair director Renya Xydis was in charge of the unique catwalk hair look.

 “The collection features quite feminine looks, from tailored pieces to long flowing dresses, so this is reflected with a contrasting hair style,” said Renya Xydis.


“It’s quite different to anything we have done with sass and bide in the past. The look is quite masculine and is sleek and angled,” Renya continued.

Designers Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton said: “Seekerstate plays on opposing scales, lengths & volumes. It breaks from tradition by contrasting graphics, textures & layers. The use of structured shapes to compliment the fluidity of materials flowed through to our hair look which is very sleek and masculine.”


“We have collaborated with Renya and the team at ghd again as Renya really understands our vision we always create an amazing and unique look every time.”

Renya used the new ghd Style range to create the hair look. The recently launched ghd Style range is a brand new collection of ten essential styling products to compliment the ghd Gold Series stylers and ghd Brushes, inspiring catwalk perfect hair every day.



  • Starting with a middle part, wet the hair with ghd Straight & Smooth Spray
  • Section the hair into 3 even parts
  • Taking the middle section at the back of the head, cornrow into seven equal sections starting at the crown and tie at the nape of the neck
  • Pull the two side sections around to the back and tie at the nape of the neck, then smooth out the ponytails using the ghd Gold Max Styler.
  • Basket weave all the ponytails together
  • Add ghd Straight & Tame Cream to smooth out the corn rows
  • Finish with ghd Final Fix Hairspray all over, followed by ghd Final Shine Spray


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