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During winter your hair needs some extra care, as rain, humidity, and artificial heating can cause a string of bad hair days. We have found a solution with Ethan Thomas Collection, an online store featuring some of Australia’s top selling hair products.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on your favourite brands, or try some new ones! The store currently has an EOFY sale for the month of June, with a massive 15% off storewide (some exclusions apply).

Included in the collection is NAK, one of our personal loves. For blonde hair, we can’t go past their “no yellow” shampoos. Your hair will be noticeably toned after just one wash, which is a great way to keep your salon style looking fresher for longer. SHOP NAK

Your hair will bring all the boys to the yard when you style it with Milkshake Hair Care. Ethan Thomas Collection are an official stockist of the brand, and we have our eye on the Moisture Plus Whipped Cream. One shopper recommended it for dry hair, and this sounds like just the thing to get us through winter! SHOP MILKSHAKE

The third brand worth shopping for is MUVO. Blonde, grey, or highlighted hair will be free from brassiness after using this collection. For example, the Ultra Blonde Shampoo can be left on for up to 10 minutes depending on whether you want to tone, or overtone, your hair. SHOP MUVO

These are just a few brand suggestions from Ethan Thomas, they have an extensive range of products for all hair types. For Afterpay and Zippay addicts (us included), you will be happy because they are included in the payment options.

Start shopping before the discount runs out, and stock up on some new hair goodies today: www.ethanthomascollection.com.au


63 thoughts on “FEATURE: Ethan Thomas Collection

    1. “MUVO” I have perfect white hair, but most shampoos give me the yellow look.
      “MUVO” keeps me perfectly white.

  1. I would love to give the NAK collection a try. As a Blondie, it can be tricky finding products that give my hair shine and vibrancy.

  2. Wow! These look like great products! The Energising shampoo and conditioner look great. Just the thing to hopefully bring my tired, dull hair back to life.

  3. Milkshake is an incredibly beautiful product, that leaves your hair feeling luxurious and soft. Such a stunning way to tone your blonde hair. Blonde hair will look and feel shiny, uplifted and glossy.

  4. Milk shake for dry hair sounds perfect! My curly hair doesn’t like winter at all dry heat rain all enemies of curls

  5. Nak hair works like magic for blondes. I don’t know if would be good for my dark dry hair if I could I would live it.

  6. The kids hair care Ethan Thomas range sounds great to use on my younger two daughters, and the Nak nourish trio pack for my eldest daughter as she is vegan.

  7. Would love to try the NAK Structure complex Shampoo and Condition in the hope of repairing my hair and also the NAK ultimate Treatment too

  8. I have been wanting to try Opalex fos soooo long. I also love Ethan Thomas. He is a major crack up and very admirable for his success.

  9. I’d really love to try the Opalex range – I’ve heard a few things about it recently! The No. 3, No. 4, & No. 5 trio pack sounds amazing and perfect to use at home for a salon quality finish!

  10. All the milk_shake products sound lovely and nourishing with milk and organic essence,
    I’d love to try the Sweet Camomile shampoo for shiny, sun-kissed tresses.

  11. Love the sound of Nak Nourishing conditioner. I swim in chlorinated pool twice a week and my hair pays the price for it. I need a nourishing conditioner to keep my hair soft and this sounds like the perfect product!

  12. Im a blonde and after having a great look around the site I discovered the MUVO Ultra Rose Gold Shampoo and Conditioner. This would be awesome it add a lovely pink hue to my hair. How brilliant that would be to add a little oommph for Winter and had colour. Perfect to add some pink hues without the harshness of a dye or the commitment.

  13. The Milkshake Moisture Plus Shampoo and Conditioner sound good – my hair seems to be drying out a bit as I get older

  14. I love the Olaplex as had 1 treatment a month ago at hairdressers and my hair felt like silk for a few days but I couldn’t afford to upkeep it. I have just purchased a Nak product for my frizzies and hoping it will be a product I will be happy with. I love that this site has afterpay as that’s how I paid for my hairdressers visit.

  15. Oh wow this site sounds amazing! Am always on the lookout for new brands to try on my hair so this is fantastic! I am particularly interested in the Milkshake Energising range to help get my hair growing again. It has definitely stated thinning with age so would love to get some new growth happening.

  16. Going from being a brunette to a blonde means I need to do invest in the upkeep of my hair, more than usual. I absolutely love the sound of the Muvo ‘Ultra Blonde Shampoo to help keep my hair from unwanted yellow and brassy tones, all too familiar with chemcially bleached hair.
    This range sounds perfect budget-wise, but also for someone time poor, but knows the value of healthy hair. 🙂

  17. Oh wow! Milkshake – silver shine, looks amazing! My hair would really benefit from this, no more yellow tones!

  18. Olaplex No 3 is a miracle product I highly recommend for anyone with dry and damaged hair. It does take some planning on when to use it because it takes a long time to process (the longer it’s in for the better it works) and is expensive. But it’s an investment into shiny healthy manageable hair..

  19. The time has come and age is here
    A mighty hip hip hooray, it’s clear
    No longer caring for perms and styles
    A young ones game, just want hair and I’ll
    Leave the house with healthier locks on my head
    Milkshake Energising Products, make those hair follicles spread

  20. After being crook for a while my usually thick hair is thinning and I my hair needs a pick me up. I would love to try the NAK range to brighten up my greys.

  21. All these products sound really good. As I have colour treated hair I would be very interested in the Milkshake Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner

  22. The Nak Colour Masque Coloured Conditioner in Burnt Toffee sounds intriguing – I’d love to see what this would do for my hair. I’d probably use it in conjunction with the NAK Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner … a tempting trio!

  23. The MUVO products look amazing. They would certainly fix any “brassiness” in my blonde hair between salon visits. I love the concept of the MUVO Ultra Rose Gold Shampoo and Conditioner combination to add a little brightness to the dreary winter days ahead.

  24. The milkshake range sounds great. I would love to try the milkshake dry shampoo and leave in conditioner.

  25. Oh my stars! How good does the Energising shampoo and conditioner look. Just what my fine hair needs – some va va va voom!

  26. MUVO is for me. Having taken the giant leap and ‘transitioned’ to grey with the result that a some of my hair is white, a shampoo to make my hair shine would be great. A good amount of shine always helps to stop me when considering a relapse back to dying my hair.

  27. The NAK Hydrating range and the NAK Luxe Finishing Creme sound like they would provide nourishment and shine to my hair, sounds fantastic.

  28. The Milkshake range appeals to me, with products for everyone and every situation. The energising scalp treatment would provide that zest that my hair needs in these cooler months – a complete pamper for the head and hair.

  29. I will be having major abdominal cancer surgery in a few weeks, followed by treatment, and months of recuperating at home, so my hair will suffer from everything, including the heating at home whilst resting post op. I would be grateful for any of these wonderful products.

  30. The Milkshake Energising Collection (Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp treatment) look like the goods! My hair feels thinner and I think I’ve had some hair loss. Love to be able to reverse that!

    1. I would love to try the NAK range (not Naked as in previous reply – annoying predictive text)..
      My blonde hair still needs a boost

  31. I would love to try out the NAK nourishing range as well as the milkshake milk to tame my frizzy, curly mane. I also like the sound of the NAK thermal protect to use on days when I feel like creating a different style using my heating tools.

  32. I would love to try the Milkshake energising products, with age my hair is dry and Frizzy , hopefully these products could help my hair to look like it has some life and Shine

  33. I love the idea of the Milkshake range. The moisture plus whipped cream sound like the perfect fix for my hair, but of course I will want the shampoo and conditioner too.

  34. The NAK products sound perfect for my blonde hair to keep my salon colour fresh and eliminate unwanted gold tones.

  35. Would love to try the Milkshake range – need to use natural products on my scalp and this range sounds perfect !

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