Short, Medium or Long Hair?

Expert: Laura Vendetti

As a hairdresser, the most common question I am asked on a regular basis is, “Is my hair to long (or short or dark or light) for me? This happens to me particularly when I am introduced at parties as a hairdresser, but even happens when I am standing in check out lanes. This says to me it is a very valid question and one worthy of giving a great deal of exploration.

Fortunately for women of this era, if you are living in a free country and your religion does not dictate otherwise, we are at liberty to wear our hair any length, color, and style that we choose. Gone are the days of trends when everyone was inclined to wear the same hair style.

For each decade of the last century, you can easily define a period by that era’s hair style, all the way up until the mid to late nineties.

audrey hepburn

If you look at today’s magazines, you will see hair as well as hem lengths in a variety of ranges, a perfect example of how hair and fashion go hand in hand. Fashion is simply a reflection of the state of society that we live in.

Women in most countries are currently experiencing freedoms that are unprecedented. With that freedom also comes the ‘anything goes’ in hair and fashion.

Most would agree that is very good news. The bad news is, we have so many choices available to us, it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by what works for us. If you are feeling unsure about your current hair style, ask your best friend for her honest opinion, and of course ask your hairdresser.

In considering a length that works for you, let us exploit the options. Personally I am a fan of long hair, and it is no doubt the most controversial. By today’s standards, long is anything below collar bone length, then reaching as long as you can grow it. Some women are genetically blessed with beautiful hair, and that in and of itself can be striking enough to define her style.

The problem with hair of that proportion is often at times it makes the first entry upon her entering the room. The face and the person actually wearing the hair follows soon thereafter. If this is your case and you are okay with it, then it is okay!

A simple solution however, can be carving out a few pieces right around the best feature on your face, and we all have at least one. Remember this, when your length falls past your jaw line, it has no consideration at all for your face shape. Adding a few subtle pieces will make the difference in just having long hair, or having long hair with style.

The other extreme of today’s popular lengths is of course short hair. The number one reason when asked about the popularity of short hair is simple, it’s “freedom”. The freedom comes from not having to shampoo, brush, hot roll and blow dry all that hair.

It can also be a statement to society that expresses confidence, vitality, and perhaps youth. There is one freedom however that is taken away from you when sporting this style and that is freedom from frequent hair appointments. To maintain this look, most women find themselves in the hair cutting chair at least once a month, and while saving on shampoo, spend more on styling products.

If neither of these lengths are for you, then perhaps medium is the most appropriate, as it is definitely the most sought after. Falling somewhere in between the jaw line and collar bone, it is the most customizable of all lengths. It can also be compromised to be short either in the front or the back, a viable option if you are ready for change, but reluctant to go all the way, either way! With proper styling you can create illusions, and it can be fun to play with on a daily basis, reducing potential boredom if you are inclined to become so.

It seems that with the variety of lengths and styles today, there is also controversy over what is beautiful, powerful, fun, or sexy hair.

Can it even be defined by short, medium, or long hair? I think so, but I also think not! I truly believe that the most awesome beauty we can achieve comes from within, and that any style can be worn as long as it is worn with confidence.

If you can tap into your inner beauty first, your outer beauty will come with instinct. I am certainly not alone in the opinion that Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived, as her image is still sought after in marketing.

She possessed not only structural beauty, but an inner beauty that matched. It has been said that when asked how to achieve beautiful hair, she remarked it was to have a child’s hands run through it…which goes to show true beauty can be owned by anyone, and should not be confused by what can also be bought.

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