Buying your GHD Online

You know the saying, if it sounds too good to be true – then it probably is…this is certainly the case when buying your ghd hair straightener online. Straighteners aren’t exempt from nasty counterfeits and shopping at a verified dealer is essential.

Things to be wary of when purchasing a GHD:

* Price
* International sellers
* Check the list of approved retailers at the ghd website and their “beware of fakes”-checker at
* Just because they “say” it is genuine doesn’t mean it is
* Poor quality materials
* No hologram, or hologram is unable to be registered on the ghd website

If you suspect you have bought a fake please report it and do not use it until you know for sure. GHD copies have not undergone safety checks and can cause injury or electrocution.

ghd ivCounterfeit ghds can look real, and it isn’t always easy to spot them on first glance. Buying a fake online can put you at risk of credit card fraud and chances are the product won’t even arrive.

You may feel like you are getting a good deal, but the consequences can be devastating, so please use caution and do your research before purchasing the popular hair straightener.

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