Get the Look: Valentino (PFW) – The Dutch Side Braid

For the Valentino fashion show at Paris Fashion Week (Fall) the hair was placed in a low side braid with a Dutch influence.

The hair direction was by Guido Palau, the Creative Consultant for Redken and the following how to describes how the look was created:

valentino pfw

About the Valentino Hairstyle:

“I’d describe the clean, polished side braid I created at Valentino today with the word monastic – fit for the young beauty the designer envisioned when creating this collection. The inspiration for the hair and clothes was a number of portraits by Dutch masters – which is a very Valentino setting, and this braid really encompasses that feeling with its centre part and the high forehead.

She’s a simple, young girl but she still has style, and every girl can relate to it which makes it more personal, even intimate – and also reflects the appeal of the brand itself. I’ve done a side braid before, but it was always sexier – this one is more minimal, but there’s a certain level of seduction in the innocence,” says Guido.


Redken Products Used:

  • Satinwear 02 ultimate blow-dry lotion RRP $29.95
  • Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine oil* RRP $49.00 (Diamond Oil available in Australian salons soon)
  • Fashion Work 12 versatile working spray RRP $26.95

Create the Look:

1. Apply Redken Satinwear 02 ultimate blow dry lotion to damp hair from roots to ends and blow-dry straight with a boar bristle brush.
2. Create a clean centre part, and then use a fine tooth comb to brush hair to one side from the back, so the centre part stays intact.
3. Tuck the side of the hair you will braid with behind the ear and then rub a small amount of Satinwear 02 into your hands to help you as you start to braid. Start braiding a few inches down from the neck, keeping your wrists and elbows low as you go.
4. Create a braid that’s smooth but not too tight, and secure with a hair tie at the tip. Leave only an inch or two un-braided at the end.
5. Put a few drops of NEW Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine oil on your hands, rub together to emulsify, and then lightly run your hands over the hair on either side.
6. Slide the leather band over the head so that it rests 2-3 inches back from the forehead and covers the front of the ears.
7. Mist with Redken Fashion Work 12 to finish.

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