Celebrity Wig Wearers Who Go Under Cover In Style

We often get hair envy when we see the luscious locks of some of our favourite celebrities. But did you know that lots of these lovely ladies wear hair extensions and wigs on a regular basis? Some A-listers have to wear wigs for movie and TV roles. Katie Holmes in Jackie Kennedy and Julianne Margulies in The Good Wife spring to mind. Others just like mixing it up a bit. High-quality wigs are an effective way to deal with hair loss, while hair extensions can add thickness and length to thinner hair. So, just which celebrities have been going under cover?

Raquel Welch

Not only does the legendary Raquel Welch wear some of the most natural looking wigs we’ve seen, she even has her own brand of wigs and hair extensions. Wigs today are lightweight, natural and come in a wonderful array of colour choices. Raquel Welch is known to wear wigs both on the red carpet and outside of work. Her luscious, glossy locks may not be all her own, but who cares when she look this good!

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Lady Gaga

You don’t go from green, to yellow, to pink and blue without someone knowing you must be wearing a wig. Lady Gaga is a huge fan of outlandish wigs to add drama to her on-stage performances. Underneath all those wigs, Lady Gaga’s natural locks are a very normal shade of brown! She has said that when she hasn’t felt confident being herself, she has used wigs to create a new persona. There are many highly skilled wig stylists in Hollywood who can create natural or dramatic wigs for when you fancy a change. Trying on wigs is also a great way to determine which new hairstyles will suit your face shape too.

lady gaga

Kylie Jenner

Instagram lover Kylie Jenner is one celebrity you can count on for showing off her latest wig styles. Her natural hair is cut into a dark bob. But she is drawn towards extra long wigs, green and grey extensions and medium length poker straight styles with bangs. She is constantly experimenting with her style, and we give her full praise for creativity and thinking outside the box. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all looked the same! Kylie even has her own collection of extensions, Kylie Hair Kouture. With so many wigs under her belt, where does she store them? The Jenner house is hardly on the small side. But even so, who wants to use those old fashioned Styrofoam wig stands that take up so much space? The Wigmate Wig Hanger offers a contemporary solution to storing wigs. This genius handle hangs over the back of your door and can store multiple wigs on just one hanger. It’s great for drip drying your wigs over the bath too.

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Last, but certainly not least, we couldn’t leave Rihanna off of our list of top celebrity wig wearers. Hair guru Tokyo Stylez is the wig maker behind many a celebrities locks, and Rihanna is no exception. He designed the out-of-this-world silver-grey wig she wore for her Tush magazine cover. She’s also a fan of blonde and vivid red wigs, both short and long. With her great bone structure and luminous complexion, she can carry off most styles.
Whether you want a natural looking wig or a statement-making wig, it’s time to jump on board and start getting creative with hairpieces. The great thing is, if you don’t like the look, at the end of the day, you can easily whip it off!

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