Summer Hairstyles

We may be in the middle of a very cold winter, but it is time to start planning your hair for the warmer weather. To achieve the must have summer hairstyles for 2008/2009, it is important to start with healthy hair.

Expert hair stylist Brad Ngata says “At Brad Ngata Hair Direction we are about cut, colour and condition which is always on trend. We like to design a style for you with a treatment plan over the next 6 months to get your hair into the best shape possible. We are now looking toward summer and suggesting to our clients to start planning their look.”

Regular cuts and treatments, as well as a planned at home routine will make sure your hair is ready for the party season.

Bobs are here to stay but they do need to be maintained to keep them looking young and fresh. Katie Holmes and Rihanna’s hairstyles are good examples of fashionable bobs, and a source of inspiration.

An example of sleek shiny hair from Brad Ngata’s latest fashion hair collection.

For blonde bobs we love Shelly Craft’s new do (channel 9 host for Aussie readers) and Jenny McCarthy’s sleek style. Everyone from Madonna to Jessica Simpson has put their own stamp on the look, so finding examples for your hairdresser should be easy.

Hair is becoming more stylised and the messy look will be less popular. Brad says “The strongest trend this season is the return of the precision cut. In past seasons hair has been loose and unstructured; now the hair is cut in a more a precise manner.”

Generally in summer it is safe to go with blonde highlights, but Brad says “the colour is all about block”. Whether its creamy blonde, rich chocolate or red for those a little more daring, think about your skintone and the shades that compliment your features.

Remember, just because a colour or style is in fashion or looks good on a celebrity, doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit your face or hair type.

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