Win a VS Sassoon Curl Secret – Limited Edition

Win a VS Sassoon Curl Secret with Limited Edition Butterfly Travel and Storage Bag by Gail Elliott for Little Joe Woman valued at  RRP  $172.95  

As part of its successful Guest Artist Program, VS Sassoon has joined forces with super-model and respected fashion designer Gail Elliott to create a bag for its extraordinary Curl Secret.  The bag features a gorgeous and luxe butterfly design chosen in the words of Elliott “because a butterfly is beautiful and sophisticated, well travelled, free spirited and adventurous. A butterfly is also delicate but strong, transformational, full of surprises and regularly defies the odds. We felt that was exactly the kind of woman who would use the Curl Secret.”


The innovative one-of-a-kind Curler uses new-patented technology to create stunning long lasting three-dimensional curls… the kind of curls not readily achieved with traditional styling tools. Hair goes in, curl comes out. It’s that simple, that quick and that easy.

The Curl Secret can be used on a variety of different hair lengths and styles from very long to shorter cuts, from structured bobs to finely layered cuts. You can also use it on already wavy and curly hair to add finesse. And it doesn’t matter what hair type you have either. Whether you are adding body to fine hair, an edge to medium density hair or dramatic interest to even the thickest hair, the result is always outstanding and astonishingly achievable with the Curl Secret™.


See the VS Sassoon Curl Secret it in action:
Stockist number: 1800 650 263

For your chance to win a VS Sassoon Curl Secret with Limited Edition Butterfly Travel and Storage Bag by Gail Elliott for Little Joe Woman tell us about the last time you felt free spirited and adventurous!

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– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
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188 thoughts on “Win a VS Sassoon Curl Secret – Limited Edition

  1. Quitting my job and returning to Australia. No job, no mortgage, no stuff! I am loving it all, the sun, the people, I am totally enjoying ,myself! And it’s Christmas, time to enjoy my family’s company, YULE agree it’s a CLAUSE for celebration.

  2. I felt free spirited and adventurous when I realised that I could share this amazing life with my kids and they could learn and grow by accompanying me on my journey, and not just ‘hinder’ my enjoyment! Now we go everywhere together and we all have never been more patient, empathetic, open-minded ot happier!

  3. The last time I sat on a swing…going higher and higher… With my little granddaughter egging me on while trying to beat me on the other swing! So much fun!

  4. Ummm, 12 years ago when I sold up all my “stuff” and bought a one way ticket to Japan. (check my email address as proof!) I knew no one, barely spoke a word of the language and it was quite an adventure. (p.s. I’ve been home for 11 years now…!)

  5. Last week at school i was very adventerous some might call me a rebel… Working in a very strict public primary school we as staff are not allowed even wear dangly earings…well my santa earings hung proudly from my ears, the little one thought they were just great!

  6. I recently visited South Sudan for work and got on a small speedboat on the Nile. As I lent out the side, putting my fingers in the cool water and letting it splash on my face, I breathed in the fresh air, closed my eyes and felt like I was as free as I’ll ever be. That was until we hit a rock and the boat started taking on water… but until that point it was awesome. 😉

  7. When I first started dating my now husband of nearly twenty years was the most exhilarating time of my life. We now have three beautiful girls and life is more busy than exhilarating but we are very lucky to still be happy and in love. ❤

  8. About 10 years ago, my friends and I went traveling the Whitsunday Islands, where we went snorkeling near Whitehaven Beach. Everything was going great until I started thinking about sharks, lasted another 5 minutes then hightailed it back to the boat! But I’ll never forget how gorgeous the fish and reef looked, breathtaking 🙂

  9. Playing with my beautiful nieces. Dressing up and make believe. No inhibitions and creativity. We were free to explore the adventure in our imaginations.

  10. Recently I went to Yosemite National park
    we camped for three days out in the open
    I felt so free and loving the adventure

  11. At 18 deciding to travel for 3 months around SE Asia, by myself. My parents were scared, my friends thought I was crazy, but it was the best trip and I grew so much in confidence and strength.

    Now at 24, with a mortgage and full time job, I have less occasions to feel free, but I alway remind myself how free I felt travelling and hold onto that feeling when I need a moment of peace or strength.

  12. The last time I felt free spirited and adventurous was on a recent trip around Europe. Travelling to new places and seeing the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people…there is nothing more fulfilling, free spirited and adventurous!

  13. I feel free spirited and adventurous when I’m out hiking with my dog taking photo’s, just the two of us and my camera enjoying life.

  14. when I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, being up so high, climbing all the steps and feeling the wind run through my hair, not to mention the amazing view all left me feeling adventurous and free spirited

  15. I raced out in the pouring rain to save the washing from being soaked, only to realise I was too late… so instead I put my arms out, tilted my head up and enjoyed the shower… it was magical!

  16. This weekend I just jumped into my car and drove to Canberra walked around the National Gallery of Australia and felt free! Going back in August to see “Alive and Spirited” exhibition!

  17. When I was embarking on my first overseas adventure – it felt like I was coming out of my protected cocoon and was ready to spread my wings and explore new pLACEs

  18. I felt free spirited and adventurous when I successfully crossed an 8 lane intersection, in Beijing, I celebrated still being alive!

  19. Last month, my boyfriend and I went to a four wheel drive access only beach on the Queensland coast. He let me drive his 4×4 on the sand and I have never driven a 4×4 before. The beach was so beautiful and undisturbed by people. I felt so free there.

  20. When I went to a fancy dress 40th birthday party on my own where I only knew the birthday girl and nobody else, it was fun and liberating, partly because of the alcohol, but I had a great time!

  21. On my last holiday to Port Douglas. I loved exploring the beautiful beach and the surrounds. It was a lovely destination to be more adventurous.

  22. I was struggling daily with stress and just in a really bad place I left my husband and stuff and moved on, I have remarried and am happy every day, I feel so close to this man of mine even after years of marriage it just gets better each year he gives me the freedom to be me

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