Brite Organix Hair Colour Options

We have recently enjoyed two weeks of school holidays so what better time to let the kids have some fun with funky hair, and I was lucky enough to have some Brite Organix products to play with.

Brite Organix are renowned for hair colours that aren’t tested on animals, are easy on the environment and are kind to your hair. The formulas are free of ammonia and peroxide which will prevent permanent damage to the hair.

Knowing the Brite Organix range are not permanent and they are gentle on hair I decided we could have some holiday fun with the kids.

One Day Colour are a soft pastel range that blend on like mousse and can be styled with heated tools or left to dry naturally. I found that my hair is a little too dark for the pastels but my strawberry blonde boy looked amazing with his blue mohawk for the last day of term. Being a foam mousse it leaves the hair soft and manageable, as well as offering styling hold, which meant the mohawk stayed up ALL DAY and that usually doesn’t happen. It easily shampoos out and the thing I love the most about the One Day Colour is that the colour does not transfer to your clothes, or anything else for that matter.

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Hair Shadow is simple to apply, it is packaged in a cute little 5g pot looking a bit like an extremely bright compact. The Shadow is super simple to use, just rub it on straight from the pot. This creates a vibrant colour on any hair shade. To make removal quick and easy for light hair you can apply a light layer of leave in conditioner before applying hair shadow. If you want to make sure your colour lasts you can set it with a light misting of hair spray. We found the Hair Shadow to have great vibrance and really stand out, even on my darker hair the shadow comes to life. Applying hair shadow can create a lot of extra volume and static but we found it just added to the effect when hair was out.

Semi Permanent Colour is AMAZING! Originally I had my own sights set on the purple but because the One Day Colour hadn’t done so well for us I allowed my darling daughter to become my purple princess because it was the school holidays. We coloured on the first weekend thinking it should be well and truly on its way out before school went back. My hair doesn’t take semi permanents very well and they wash out pretty quick so I thought maybe hers would be the same. Almost 4 weeks on and we are still pretty purple in places.

The tubes of Semi Permanent Colour are chock full of vibrant, bright powerful hair colour, not only that but it’s ethical vegan hair colour. Semi Permanent Colour is ammonia and peroxide free, and formulated to condition. It will last between 5 and 30 washes depending on your hair type. My purple princess’s answer to this is to leave it as long as possible between washes to keep her hair colour.
You can use the Semi Permanent Colour as is or blend with a Brite Organix pastel mix or white conditioner to create custom pastel hues.

This colour is AMAZING, I actually wish I had taken the purple for myself, I love it. We did find that you do need to be very careful. The instructions suggest using a tint brush and I think that’s a very good idea, I wish we had done so. This colour does transfer, to everything. We have got purple patches on all manner of things because of the transfer and my purple princess lost lots of colour out of hair for lots of washes. Her hair remained vibrant, and parts of it still now are bright, but she was finding the colour staining her body in the shower.

Overall the Brite Organix products were all lots of fun and we will definitely be using them again. I think I will need to go buy some more purple semi permanent, or maybe the pink that looked cool. To make a statement with signature hair that you don’t have to commit to long term you can’t go past Brite Organix, there will be something for everyone.

Brite Organix One Day Colour is available in 50ml bottles in Pink, Purple and Blue. RRP $14.99

Brite Organix Hair Shadow is available in 5g pots in Blue, Pink, Purple, Coral and Expensive Blue. RRP $9.99

Brite Organix Semi Permanent Hair Colour is available in a 75ml tube in Red, Pink, Purple and Blue. RRP $14.99

Brite Organix is sold exclusively in Woolworths stores nationwide, or online at Brite Organix.

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