Expert Q&A – Curls with Anthony (Rokk Ebony)

Anthony, Teresa and Marie are Style/Creative Directors at Rokk Ebony hair salon and have launched a new range of affordable haircare for three different hair types.

Anthony is the man behind ‘Curl’ and he chatted with Beauty and Lace about the latest trends for curly haired girls:

anthony rokk ebony

(Image: Anthony)

What made you decide to bring out your own range of Rokk Ebony hair products?

We wanted to create a hair care collection containing true salon formulas, that meet the need of professional hairstylists and is also conveniently purchased during your weekly shop.

What makes these hair products different to regular salon products?

The Rokk Ebony hair care range is a result of months of trialing, testing (on us, not animals!!) and perfecting and is a complete solution to achieving the salon look at home.

Each product has exclusive hints and tips so customers can be confident that they are getting the very best advice for optimal use.

We have also ensured the entire range contains colour safe technology which protects your colour between salon visits. Marie, Teresa and myself really were the guinea-pigs for this range, and it definitely gets out seal of approval.

What kind of curls are in right now?

This Summer it is all about the wave. Worn naturally unstructured, loose and effortlessly beautiful; it is this seasons must-have look.

rokk ebony curl

(Image: Rokk Ebony Curl Range)

For frizzy and unmanageable curls, what is the best strategy?

Frizzy and unmanageable curls need moisture to tame them. The Rokk Ebony Curl Range offers superior conditioning properties designed to lock in moisture while enhancing natural curl and eliminating frizz.

The Rokk Ebony Curl Forming Shaper has a non crunch formula, enhanced with minerals designed to soften thick, rebellious hair.

For curly hair, does having a cut with thinning scissors help with additional bulk?

Personally I do not recommend using thinning scissors on natural curls as I find they break curl formation, resulting in frizz.

Instead, I apply free hand cutting techniques such as ‘twist cutting’ and ‘carving’ which enable me to remove bulk and create shape without causing unmanageable fly-aways.

Why would you recommend Rokk Ebony Curl products for curly hair?

The Rokk Ebony Curl Range has been designed specifically for natural curl, delivering the moisture required for superior curl definition. We have created products for both thick and fine curls, ensuring both hair types can achieve fantastic results.

What curly hair upstyles will be in fashion for summer?

This Summer curly hair is being worn up loose and unstructured. Either on the beach or on the red carpet, when worn up your curls should look effortlessly styled for a modern look. The Rokk Ebony UV Gloss Coat is a fantastic finishing product curls as it reflects light giving super sexy shiny curls every time AND protects from the sun.

Which curly haired celebrities are the most copied at the moment?

Curls and waves are HUGE in celebrity world, Rhianna had an amazing curly look at the American Music Awards which has sparked a massive following.

Sarah Jessica-Parker has encouraged thousands of girls to embrace their curl, and we also get a lot of requests to style sexy waves as worn by supermodel Gisele.

rokk ebony
(Image: The creators of the Rokk Ebony Hair Collections)

Where can we buy Rokk Ebony products?

You can buy Rokk Ebony products from any of the Rokk Ebony locations or exclusively at Coles.

Where are the Rokk Ebony salons located?

466 Toorak Road 3142

South Yarra
168 Toorak Road 3141

South Melbourne
328 Clarendon Street 3205

36 Como Parade 3194

Glen Waverely
64 Kingsway 3150

Shop 11 Wellington Village 3178

5 thoughts on “Expert Q&A – Curls with Anthony (Rokk Ebony)

  1. I purchased the Rokk Ebony Heat Shampoo and Conditioner for heat-styled hair. I used these products several times over 2 weeks and then I had to stop using them. My hair became very dry and frizzy, and totally unmanageable. I am extremely disappointed with the product.

  2. About a week ago I purchased the Curl range and I have to say that while I absolutely LOVE the product, the packaging is the most awkward I have ever used (apart from the pump bottles). To try and squeeze the shampoo out of it’s bottle is trying but the conditioner is impossible. The shape and thickness of the plastic is designed for a muscleman, not the majority of women who would be using these products. Like I said, I love the product. Please just get someone to either redo the Shampoo and Conditioner bottles or add pumps to them as well. Thanks for a great product though :))

  3. bought the product love the fragrance really nice on my hair ..but omg the bottle was the idea that we could get so little out of it that it would last a lifetime im pre strong but have to use 2 hands please change the packaging…thanks just saying

  4. LOVE these products!!! I have thick wavy hair that is prone to frizz…I towel dry my hair then liberally apply the Curl spray and follow up with the UV Heat Gloss. That’s it. I don’t even blow dry it, just let it air dry on my drive to work. The result is beautiful long ringlets with no frizz!!! The best my hair has EVER looked 🙂 🙂

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