Thermal Hair Rebonding

Caroline Outten from Hair Outaquin dropped in to discussed Thermal Hair Rebonding with us, here is what she had to say:

Thermal rebonding, what is it? There appears to be a lot of confusion out there mainly due to the various amounts of names like TR, Chemical straightening, Permanent straightening etc. along with all the other names which are ususally just the brand name.

All forms of straightening require a chemical of some form, it’s just some are harsher than others with their ingredients. TR or Thermal Rebonding is given this name as after the soloution is applied controlled heat is used across the hair prior to any neutralising of the active ingredients.
This allows for healthier smoother results.

Basically what occurs during the process is the breaking down of the hairs natural bonds and reforming them to a smoother softer bond, therefore straight hair.

As with the various names used there are many more different products around, all promising the world. From my experience people tend to ring around and look for two things, the price and the brand of product used. Heres a little tip. Look at the time it takes and get an idea of how much experience the salon has. The price is the consequence.


Also VISIT the salon and speak to the person who will be doing your hair, I hear a lot of horror stories and have seen some shocking results in my 19 years hairdressing and the problem started with how the client first started looking for someone. It generally starts with the ring around for the best (cheapest) price and the first time the client has seen the salon is when they turn up on the day to receive the service. Your hair is the biggest fashion statement you can make in the most obvious spot, you cant change it as easy as a pair of shoes. So take the time and give it some respect, thers nothing worse than an Armani suit and skanki hair.

The product used is important (we use an ammonia free product) but the time taken and experience of the salon are by far the most important. You should be looking for about a three to four hour service dependant on length etc. Too many salons try and get products with shorter and shorter times or try and develop shortcut techniques because if they can do this they can reduce the price and make it more attractive.

Remember as much as the products and techniques vary hair is still hair and rebonding takes time.Two weeks ago a lady came in for a haircut (new to salon) and had recently had her hair straightened, she informed me that it took only two hours and only cost $120. It looked like it was going to snap off in front of my eyes and a cut or treatment was all we could offer as there is no way the hair would of survived a colour service in that condition.

I believe quality results and healthy hair are of utmost importance. Research what you are about to have done including the salon. Make sure that you are fully aware of the after care. With the product we use it can be applied to virgin or coloured hair, including highlights. It cannot be shampooed or wet for the first 3-4 days and cannot be tied up or pinned for the first three weeks, but after that apart from a good moisture treatment once a week its your normal hair. Just straight.

Thank you Caroline! You can find out more about Hair Outaquin: or drop into the salon at 438 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, WA. Phone: 08)9228 8211

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