Garnier Nutrisse – A New Face for your New Colour

They say a change is as good as a holiday and I was at that point where something had to give, so a change it was! And now here I am sharing hair with Natalie Gruzlewski (The Farmer Wants a Wife)!

Okay, so I’m not technically sharing her hair,  but I am sharing her favourite hair colour – the Garnier Nutrisse 5.3 Chestnut Permanent Hair Colour. And I love it!

A lot of ladies change their hair colour with the seasons and winter is traditionally a time to go darker, I am one who only ever goes darker and it is generally just in winter. This year I have left it very late but I think I must have been saving it until I really needed it.

Garnier Nutrisse is a beautiful brand of permanent hair colours that are simple and safe to use at home. So simple to use that I allowed a 14 year old to have a go at doing mine for me.

One of the things I love the most about the Garnier Nutrisse Chestnut Permanent Hair Colour is that is does not smell like horrid toxic chemicals the way I have always found hair colours to do, and two weeks later after mulitiple washes I still get the fresh fruity fragrance if I turn my head just the right way.

Natalie Nutrisse 5.3

There is nothing worse when colouring your hair than having to sit with the colourant in your hair for half an hour (or however long it is, I usually get sidetracked and leave it in too long) and being surrounded in that stinging chemical smell – not this time. Not with Garnier Nutrisse, instead I was enveloped in a fresh and fruity fragrance that was actually quite refreshing.

High-5 moment number two, with extra credit going to the brand. Gloves that actually resemble real gloves and stay on the hand. That is something that is often overlooked in home hair colours and the gloves make it more difficult to work with, but with Garnier Nutrisse the gloves fit reasonably well.

My hair colour is vibrant and rich, quite striking as my hair has retained it’s natural highlights, they are now just a different colour. I have a natural hair colour that I am quite impressed with at times and so don’t colour my hair that often for exactly that reason. I  have rather extreme natural highlights and it always concerns me that if I colour my hair it will go to a standard all over colour and I’ll lose them. Not this time! My highlights remain, though now with more of a deep but bright red tinge, and my entire head of hair has garnered a glow that is pretty spectacular in the sun.

That covers my two favourite features of the brand, what else is there to tell you!?!

The Garnier Nutrisse range of hair colours is enriched with fruit oils, possibly in part for the fragrance, but mainly because it helps ensure your hair is being nourished as it’s being coloured offers 100% grey coverage.

For the first time since Elle Macpherson was spokesperson for Garnier Ambre Solaire in the early 1990’s Garnier has appointed a popular local spokeswoman. Natalie Gruzlewski exudes a healthy, natural lifestyle  that is perfect for her new role with Garnier Nutrisse, especially with her long natural locks.

Natalie is the ultimate brand ambassador with her background in natural beauty and healthy lifestyles, and the relatability of the country to all sit back and connect with Natalie in her new role.

Take Care of yourself, others and the environment with a little help from Natalie Gruzlewski and Garnier Nutrisse.

For more information and a full list of stockists please visit at:

What has been the favourite colour you have ever had in your hair?

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