Garnier Fructis Instant Detangler

Garnier Fructis have added Instant Detanglers to their range of hair products. Color Last is for Coloured or Highlighted hair, and Nutri-Repair is for Dry, Damaged Hair.

The products each feature two key ingredients with Nourishing Milk being the first. In both Color Last and Nutri-Repair, the milk is what does the detangling. Part two is a serum (made from fruit oils) and this is where the differences come in. The Nutri-Repair has a Repair Serum which gets into the hair and smooths and strengthens ends. The Color Last has a Shine Serum which makes your hair colour look and feel more vibrant and healthy.

Fructis Instant detangler

Sitting on the shelf you will notice the milk and serum separate in the jar, this is normal but please note you need to give it a good shake before each use.

The Instant Detanglers have that signature fruity Fructis scent and you can use it on damp or dry hair. Spray and comb through to help get rid of tangles.

Have you tried the new Garnier Fructis Instant Detanglers? What do you think?

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