Revlon Eksperience Sun Pro

“Sunscreen for Hair” – Revlon Professional’s Sun Pro range

The Eksperience Sun Pro range offers a range of products that protect the hair against sun, chlorine and salt and that helps moisturize and nourish the hair after sun exposure.

An evolution of Revlon Professional’s Eksperience, the Sun Pro range uses the art of Thalassotherapy to form an effective blend of science and nature. Thalassotherapy is the use of seawater as a form of therapy and the Sun Pro products are infused with algaes and seawater from the marine springs in Noirmoutier Island in France.

The range includes… 


A cream formula that nourishes and protects the hair. It contains UV filter and protects the hair against sun. To be applied before sun exposure and reapplied during (just like sun screen for the skin!).


A leave-in conditioning spray that helps to detangle hair, nourish and protect it against UV rays. To be applied before sun exposure (to protect against harmful UV rays) and after to nourish the hair.


A cleanser that delicately cleanses the hair after sun exposure.

Combined with ingredients such as Vitamin B, UVA/UVB filter and sodium the products both protects the hair against harmful UV lights and nourishing dry, fizzy and dull hair that has been damaged by sun, salt and chlorine.

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