Smiths Collective Brands have brought the latest INNOluxe must-have to Australia.

It’s called the V3 Elixir, and it’s designed to repair and protect the hair. If you’re familiar with the brand, you may have tried the V2 Elixir, and this is an upgraded formulation.

INNOluxe is a brand that’s celebrated by professionals and the V3 Elixir is no exception. So, what is it?

It’s a leave-in treatment that can be used in the salon and at home. It’s highly concentrated and gives your hair a protein boost. This is ideal for dry, damaged hair as it can repair every strand of hair from the inside out.

The secret is Advanced AminoBond Technology, which uses amino acids to renew and condition your locks. It’s a bond builder and is ideal for those who like to colour their hair or use hot styling tools.

With regular use, it can help to fight breakage and reduce the frizzies.

You can use the V3 Elixir in two ways. You can apply when your hair is wet, before your regular styling products. And, you can apply a few pumps every night before bed and it’ll work it’s magic while you sleep.

If healthier, stronger hair is on your mind, give the INNOluxe V3 Elixir a try.

It’s vegan and cruelty-free and a little goes a long way.

INNOluxe V3 ELIXIR $69.00 (100ml).

For stockists, please visit or call 03 9583 1575

Thanks to Smiths Collective Brands, a selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are testing this product. You can read their reviews of the INNOluxe V3 Elixir below, or add your own comment.

12 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: INNOluxe V3 Elixir

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to use this product. It is amazing. My hair feels healthy, looks healthier. Is soft on your hair, smells devine. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone. I used it on my son’s and daughters hair as well.

  2. This leave in treatment for my dry hair just gave me brillant results straight after my first use.
    My hair is just above the shoulder and it needs a product to help with the dryness and then the frizziness I get after it has been blow dried. I was keen to try this product especially as I can use in two different ways.
    The lightweight cream comes in a 100ml glass pump bottle which is easy to just push the top down and get the amount you need. For me, I needed just one push of the pump onto my hands and then swished through my just shampooed hair. I just applied after getting out of the shower and my hair was still just wet. A little goes a long way so don’t use a lot if you have shorter hair. The fragrance is divine and gives a very soft scent. Nothing to upset sensitive noses like mine and doesn’t overpower with any lasting scent like other brands I have used in the past.

    After applying to my hair I then gave my hair a slight comb. I didn’t use any other heating products after it to blow dry my hair and found that this V3 worked perfectly with drying my hair. Oh my god, my hair felt so soft and had shine.
    After that, I always have to straighten my hair just slightly and again, I used no heating spray. My straightener just glided through my hair so easily and still felt soft, no frizz. Hair was so smooth as if I had just come out of a salon. The cream does not weigh your hair down either.

    I had to go to my son’s wedding and as we waited on the driveway for our lift, the clouds decided to throw just a little shower of rain down on us. Now when rain hits my hair, it just frizzies up and honestly and truthfully, it didn’t after using this product. We also had a gust of wind hit us at the chapel and my hair went all over the place and with just a hand, my hair fell back into place, still no frizz. This product has certainly been a great trial with all the elements thrown at my hair.

    I also tried the option of applying some on my hair before going to bed. I was kind of thinking I would wake up with greasy looking hair. No such thing, my hair looked as good as if I washed it the night before. This product is just truely amazing.
    My hair looks much more healthier now and no more frizz when it rains and it has been a little warm up here and I would say humidity will not upset it either.
    The whole packaging of the product even the pump can all be recycled, so just throw the whole thing in the recycle bin. The leave in conditioner is vegan friendly and cruelty free.
    I looked up the price whilst typing this and although a little dearer than another product I have used, I know I will continue with this leave in treatment. It is the best product I have tried for my hair and am staying with it as I have seen the results and frizzies in my dry, thick hair which is so annoying. Hair is much smoother now and it really does repair and protect your hair.

    Another thing I just thought of is usually by day 3 my hair needs to be washed but because this product doesn’t make my hair look oily, I can actually go 5 days before it needs washing. Perfection.

    Thank you to Beauty & Lace and INNoluxe for giving me this opportunity of testing this product out. You have won me with this beautiful leave in conditioner treatment.

  3. Thank you for this opportunity to use this hair serum cream and provide my review.

    The V3 ELIXIR Innoluxe is a leave-in treatment for hair.

    It comes in a twist open glass pump bottle and is 100ml of product.

    My hair is just above the shoulders, and I used between 1-2 pumps for my hair after towel drying in the mornings.

    I also tried it as an overnight treatment, by using the recommended 3-4 pumps.

    Fragrance: the scent is very slight and reminds me of a hair salon product, nice and exclusive.

    The product is a white cream, when pumped out, it comes out as a ribbon and not as a solid drop, that could be my pump pressing technique. So, make sure you don’t pump out too much, when using, you’ll figure out how much you need. Less is more with this cream.

    Daily application: I used it on my towel dried hair by using the 1-2 or 1 1/2 pumps rubbing the cream between my fingers and rubbing it over my hair. Then I brushed my hair while I blow dried and then used my straightener to straightener my hair. My hair looked styled and didn’t have any flyaways. It was also non greasy and looked good.

    The product is made in Brazil and when I checked online, it can be purchased at particular hair salons. Bottle and outer box are recyclable.

    The price is slightly high compared to serums you can buy at the grocery store or chemist, but this product seems to have beneficial ingredients and is supposed to strengthen hair after continuous use.

    I have been using the cream daily on my hair and my hair feels touchable and soft. It also looks good in-between days when I didn’t use it. My hair seems to have a Wow factor, which I’m enjoying!

    As an overnight treatment mask: I used the cream on my hair on a day when I didn’t use the cream in the morning. I pumped 3-4 pumps of the cream and rubbed it between my fingers and applied all over my hair. I massaged in the cream and then combed my hair. Since I used a good amount, it did flatten my hair but did make my hair looked more “behaved”.
    In the morning, my hair was soft and I think the treatment was still working because I didn’t use it the next day after washing my hair, but it was still soft and felt healthy and not dry.

    I have been using the cream over the past days and there is still a good amount left in the bottle, so it seems to last a long time and worth the higher price.

    Overall thoughts: I am enjoying the product and am liking the results and would recommend this cream.

    1. Hi Sarah, when I get some free time to go googling, we will shop around to see where I can get it from also. Obviously as a little goes a long way, won’t need it for a while but will definitely keep using it as it actually works and feels great on my hair and looks like yours and others as well.

      1. Oh yep, please count me in, I’m still enjoying my cream, and a little goes a long way to keep my hair behaving properly, works so well! Thanks Amanda 🙂

  4. My hair is fine and, due to years of colouring, very dry. I normally use an oil on my long hair after washing. The first time I used INNOluxe V3 on my wet hair I didn’t see any difference, my hair was still very frizzy when dried. My daughter, who uses a lot of different products advised me it would take time. I started using 4 pumps at night. Because if 2 is good 4 will be twice as good , right! Wrong, my usual wavy hair went straight, as it was heavy with product. So through trial and error I have been using 1 -2 pumps at night and my hair’s frizziness has improved. Less is more in this case. My hair feels light and soft. I find the 100ml bottle great value for money as I have been using it a few weeks now and have worked out one bottle should last 7 -8 months. I love that the product is cruelty free and all packaging is recyclable. I will be looking into further hair care products from INNOluxe.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      We are so happy to hear that even after an initial false start with INNOluxe V3 Elixir, you persevered with testing different amounts/methods and discovered what ultimately works for you!

      A quick tip – ensure that you condition your hair after shampooing, and then apply your V3 Eilxir to towel-dried hair which lays the foundation as a leave-in treatment before you use your styling tools and products.

      If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  5. All I can say is wow! I was stoked to be chosen to review the INNOluxe V3 Elixir. We have very harsh bore water which combined with other things has left my poor hair very dry and damaged, with splits and more :(. I’ve used this product around 5 times so far and every time I am just amazed by how great my hair looks and feels!

    I’ve used it before straightening, good bye flyaways! As a treatment- oh my goodness my hair was so soft!

    I have also used on my daughters very curly hair and it not only helped remove some knots, her hair is also super easy to brush!

    Highly recommend this spectacular product! Thank you for the opportunity!

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