The INNOluxe range has been a big hit with our members, ever since our V3 Elixir trial. The range is available in Australia through Smiths Collective Brands.

INNOluxe has recently introduced a new series of products called PLATINUM. These are designed specifically for people with blonde, white, or grey hair.

There’s a shampoo and conditioner that work together to refresh your blonde. These products come in violet, making them ideal for those wanting a cool, clean shade.

Over time, any yellow pigments will fade away and you’ll be left with salon-worthy hair. The shampoo will revive your colour, while the conditioner will nourish your hair making it easier to manage.

Then, there’s the treatment mask. It’s a deep blue tone and contains Argan Oil and other hair-loving ingredients.

It’ll hydrate hair that is damaged and restore its lustre. It’ll combat yellow and orange pigments when you use it semi-regularly.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace club members have been testing the INNOluxe PLATINUM range thanks to Smiths Collective Brands.

Want to know what they think? You can read their reviews in the comments section below, or add your own review.

Before you go, head to Smiths Collective Brands for more information.

5 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: INNOluxe Platinum

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial these products. They have made my hair feel healthy. The packaging and smell I love. It took the yellow out of my blonde hair and left it looking brighter and blonder. My hair was easy to manage. Gave moisture back into my hair especially when using the mask. Overall I loved these products, the smell, feel, packaging and will be buying it again. Once again thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Smiths Collective Brands for the opportunity to try the INNOluxe Platinum shampoo, conditioner and mask over the last few weeks

    Overall I have to say INNOluxe Platinum is excellent based on the results on formerly dark blonde and now my greying hair. Using the shampoo and conditioner has made my hair feel amazing and the strength and condition has improved. I found that I got the best results by leaving each step for a few minutes before rinsing – it really helped to remove any yellow tones and made my hair look amazing. I use the mask when I think my hair could use a bit more support – particularly after a day at the beach or pool. The mask really amped up the condition and shine and my hair felt soft and really smooth and reduced the frizziness on the humid days.

    I love that styling seems to be easier since using INNOluxe and it lasts longer.

    Overall these are 5 star products and I would recommend them for anyone with blonde, white or greying hair to give themselves a boost!

  3. I have waist length fine blonde hair that at times is prone to tangle and of course I deal with the dreaded brassy yellow look.
    I have used purple shampoo, conditioner and hair masks and one of my biggest gripes would have to be that they can be harsh on my hair and my scalp. That brassy look may vanish but my hair is left feeling like straw.
    I was very keen to give the Innoluxe range a try and the very first thing that struck me was the awesome scent of the shampoo. Its smells lovely and lathers up really well.
    Likewise the conditioner smells lovely and worked wonders with my fine hair. I was left with hair that was very easy to comb and zero tangles to worry about.
    After the very first wash and once my hair was dry my hair felt lovely and soft. It felt hydrated and my brassy tone was gone. The more I used the products the more my blonde was enhanced and I actually noticed highlights that I didnt know I had. One friend asked me if i had coloured my hair.
    Using the treatment mask helped to ramp everything up a notch and I felt that my hair looked very salon worthy.

    If you are battling the brassy look then make a worthwhile investment in the Innoluxe Platinum Range. You wont be sorry.

  4. Going blonde from brunette is not an easy feat to keep your hair in great condition, factor in blow drying and straightening it plays havoc on my hair. I am always on the lookout and trying new brands to keep split ends and extreme dehydration at bay.

    Being able to try the INNOluxe Platinum Deep Purple Shampoo, Platinum Conditioner and Platinum Mask has been a blessing, especially seeing it is having been designed for cool blondes.

    Within weeks my hair will end up with a yellow / orange tone but with using INNOluxe I have noticed it has kept the icy hues I left the hairdresser with. I loved the highlighting effect of this duo immediately after the first wash. My hair felt smooth and soft and looked amazing after drying and straightening. The mask is simply luxurious, leaving the hair silky without any heavy residue. The smell of the conditioner and mask are amazing that stays I your hair all day.

    Sulphate, sodium chloride, and cruelty free It is by far the best vegan toning shampoo and conditioner I have used, the only negative I have is the shampoo does not lather well.

    Platinum Deep Purple Shampoo contains deep purple pigments, soybean, glycerin, vitamin B5 and betaine.

    Platinum Conditioner contains violet pigments, camelina, olus and rice bran oil, murumuru and capuacu butters.

    Platinum mask contains deep blue pigments, argan oil, hydrolysed wheat protein, murumuru and capuacu butters.

    With the results I’ve had in only a few weeks I will continue using INNOluxe for maintaining my blonde and keeping it like I have just stepped out of the salon!

    Thank you, Beauty, and Lace and INNOluxe for the opportunity to try and review.

  5. INNOluxe PLATINUM range where have you been?!
    The day my niece drew a picture of me with orange hair (I looked like Ronald McDonald!) was the day I knew I had to start using purple shampoo. Since that dreaded day I have trialled MANY different brands and had moderate successes along the way so I was rapt to be given the opportunity to use INNOluxe. I love it. What else can I say?! It just works! The shampoo is a little different as it doesn’t lather up hugely but still just enough that you feel like you are cleaning. The smell is lovely and I found it didn’t stain my hands like other purple shampoos can. I loved the conditioner and the fact it allowed you to keep toning whilst you conditioned. A double whammy that my hair benefitted from! The mask was really gorgeous and I feel it makes my hair quite soft. Once again it also kept on toning whilst it conditioned the life back into my hair (I have dry, curly, blonde (not brassy orange anymore!!) hair. The PLATINUM range is also vegan and cruelty free which is a massive win in my books and I look forward to continue using it. Pricewise, it does seem a little exxy however, due to you not using it every time you wash your hair (they recommend alternating with other shampoos and conditioners once desired tone is achieved) I feel it’s something that will last a long time and it just works so I think that in itself is worth a few extra dollars.
    Thank you so much Beauty and Lace and INNOluxe for the opportunity to trial this range. I’m absolutely hooked!

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