Review: VATEA Skin and Hair

10 of our lucky readers have been trialing the VATEA Kind Shampoo and Nurturing Conditioner and you can read their thoughts on the products at USER REVIEWS: VATEA Skin and Hair Care. My product hadn’t arrived when I wrote that post so you can read my thoughts here.

I have long hair that’s prone to split, has been getting ridiculously oily and hasn’t seen inside a hair dressers in a very long time. I love my hair, though coming into summer I am sure there will be days I want to cut it all off. I have hair that is long and straight and pretty much constantly restrained in a ponytail or mum bun. I don’t use product and I don’t use tools. It also means I don’t spend a lot of time selecting a good shampoo, it’s usually what’s cheap or what’s on special.

I received the VATEA Kind Shampoo and Nurturing Conditioner for review and I am loving it. I haven’t had to use anywhere near as much shampoo, or conditioner, and I don’t find myself having to wash my hair as often either. Growing up we washed our hair twice a week, that was it. Now I try to leave it as many days as I can because trying to get organised in the morning often means I’m trying for mega quick showers that don’t allow shampoo time.

VATEA Kind Shampoo and Nurturing Conditioner is natural, organic, low on fragrance and kind to the environment.

Kind Shampoo – 500ml

The Kind Shampoo has no foaming agent so it doesn’t build up a big lather the way some shampoos do but it certainly did the job. I have found after only a few washes my scalp doesn’t feel as dry and itchy, and I don’t need to wash my hair nearly as often. It is clean, smooth and glossy.

Nourishing Conditioner – 500ml
RRP: $27

The Nurturing Conditioner is quite thick and with half the quantity I used to use I have hair soaking in the goodness from root to tip. It doesn’t coat the hair the way some do so when I first start combing it through in the shower it seems a little tangly but you can certainly tell the difference as you comb.

Pure Body Oil – 250ml

The Pure Body Oil I haven’t used as much because I am shocking at remembering moisture of any description. I have used it on my son’s dry eczema prone skin and it seems to halt the drying immediately.

All of the VATEA products have a similar fragrance and it is very subtle. I couldn’t even tell you what the scent smells like because it is just a clean, fresh, natural scent that I quite like. I know coconut is one of the active ingredients in the range but it isn’t a coconut scent, that is one that reminds me of Reef Oil and the beach back in the days when suntanning was a big thing.

Australian owned and made VATEA is plant based, cruelty free, vegan friendly and non toxic.

Vatea is now Certified Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia

To purchase, visit VATEA.


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