Katy Perry for ghd air – Mermaid

ghd are about to launch the ghd air, a salon strength hairdryer which is going to make waves in the hair industry. To promote the new ghd air, Katy Perry had a glamorous photoshoot where she was styled as a mermaid. Pink hair and a sparkling tail – is there any look that doesn’t suit Katy?

Katy Perry_Mermaid

(‘Katy Perry for ghd air’, photographed by David LaChapelle.)

When asked about the Mermaid photoshoot for ghd, Katy Perry said, “I love it because I’m such a fan of the Disney movies. Ariel is such a big influence. It’s always fun to dress up once in your lifetime as a mermaid and have that fish fin tail. David La Chapelle made the set amazing. It was fun – I got to have purple hair which foreshadowed the real purple hair I had last fall. It’s as if Lisa Frank had done The Little Mermaid.”

The ghd air will be released early March, 2012.

What do you think of Katy Perry as a mermaid?

One thought on “Katy Perry for ghd air – Mermaid

  1. Katy Perry is gorgeous no matter what she is wearing. They could put her in a potato sack and shave her head and she would still look gorgeous.
    I really love the Mermaid look though, there is something so purely innocent about it, and I think it is a fantastic idea that GHD are using this image for their ad. It makes me think, natural, breezy and whimsical.

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