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Another year is quickly coming to an end and it is time to start thinking about which hairstyles will be popular in 2012. For 2011 hair balayage was everywhere and professional smoothing treatments changed the way we styled our hair.

Trends come and go and we have enlisted the help of a hair expert to come up with some predictions for which hairstyles will be in for 2012. Frank Apostolopoulos has been a hairdresser for over 15 years and is the Creative Director for BIBA salons. Frank is extremely experienced and is the Ambassador for Wella SP.

Sorry ladies, but hair balayage and those easy to maintain regrowth styles will be out. Frank explains,

“In the coming season we will see a much more sophisticated look in hair and an end to tired-looking colours like “dipped ends” and the regrowth look”.

Shiny, healthy hair never really goes out of style but the emphasis will be on a neater look, and short hair will be in.

hairstyles 2012

“Quality hair with precise shapes will give us a much healthier/ fresh look.  Tidily clipped shapes worn with shine and elegance will be very popular, as will the pixie/bob, crop, inspired by the “box bob”, said Frank.

This is a reflection of Hollywood trends. “Celebrities that have really influenced the shorter look have been Emma Watson and Michelle Williams. Right now, I’m getting lots of requests from client for these celebrity looks.”

For the earlier part of 2012 blondes will still have more fun but brunettes and redheads will not be forgotten, Frank Apostolopoulos said, “Various shades of blonde will still be big, from honey blondes to rich deep shades of red and cool browns.”

Do you change your hair depending on the season or do you stick with a particular look that works for you?

2 thoughts on “Hairstyles for 2012

  1. I just stick to my golden blonde colour as that is what I feel most comfortable with. I am a brunette naturally (I think, he he) but I am happy to keep colouring it.

  2. I tend to stick to my own style. Ive had really bad experiences with haircuts in the past, I like to give it a colour now and again, but try to avoid products as much as possible, as my hair is easily prone to damage.

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