What is Hair Balayage?

Everyone is doing the Balayage, and while it’s not a new trend it looks like it will stick around into 2011. Balayage, or Ombre, is a solution to stripey foils and obvious regrowth.

The word Balayage is French, and translated into English means sweep, and this is how the process gets its name. Hairdressers paint the dye onto your hair in a sweeping movement, expertly creating a sunkissed look which is more product heavy on the ends.

The result is a beachy look and as the hair grows the regrowth tends to blend in as if it is supposed to be that way.

rachel bilson bayalage - ombre hair

It sounds like an easy process, but it does require skill and training to get it just right, without the foils or streaking cap as a guide it relies on the talent of the hairdresser to get it just right.

You don’t have to go blonde, the technique will work with any colour lighter than your own.

For inspiration look to celebrities such as Rachel Bilson (pictured), Gisele and Drew Barrymore, although you don’t have to look very hard to find a woman in the spotlight with Balayage-d hair!

By using this method you can get at least an extra month out of your colour, maybe even two before you need to go back to your hairdresser.

2 thoughts on “What is Hair Balayage?

  1. i would love to be able to afford to have hair blayage . It seems everytime i dye my hair , the colour comes out looking like a big blob of blacky/brown and it’s so dull .

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