Wella SP Hydrate

For normal to dry hair that can’t get enough moisture, Wella have introduced a range of professional quality products for use at home.

SP (System Professional) Hydrate is rich and nourishing and suitable for curly hair, or hair that lacks shine and elasticity due to constant styling with heated tools.

Hydrate Shampoo

The ingredients include:

Glycerine is not just a song by Bush, it is also used widely in pharmaceuticals and D-Panthenol, which I will call Pro Vitamin 5 because it sounds a bit more user friendly. These two ingredients give the hair protection and moisture that lasts.

Glucose naturally sets hair and helps to smooth out your frizzies and Fructose is another naturally fruity addition that will lock in moisture.

Three of the products from the range which I have been using are the SP Hydrate Shampoo (250ml RRP $32.00), SP Hydrate Mask (200ml RRP $34.00) and SP Hydrate Finish (125ml RRP $32.00).

If I could only choose one from the collection it would be the SP Hydrate Mask but having said that they all compliment each other really well. The SP Hydrate Finish is in a spray form and is easily applied to damp hair before styling.

With a perfumey scent, some of your winter hair qualms will be fixed with a smoother, stronger start to the day.

Elements here I come…just after I snuggle up and finish my book!

New Wella System Professional is available in salons nationwide.

For stockist enquiries please contact: 1300 889 886.

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