VS Sassoon Total Style Hair Tools

VS Sassoon have just released three new tools as part of their Total Style collection: “TOTAL CRIMP”, “TOTAL CURL” and “TOTAL STRAIGHT”.

Each tool is designed to help you get that catwalk look at home, and more importantly have fun with your hairstyle:


It wasn’t that long ago that we told you hair crimping was making a comeback, and finally someone has brought out a new crimping tool – we love you VS Sassoon.


TOTAL CRIMP is a fun shade of blue-ish green and gets nice and hot (you choose the setting up to 210°C). The plates are coated with ceramic tourmaline which means less damage.

If you are crimping, a little goes a long way. All over crimping is a little “too” 80’s so a few sections here and there is the secret for edgy red carpet style.


Curls are in and if you are going to wear them occasionally there is no point investing in the most expensive tool when TOTAL CURL does the job.


This one is purple and it comes with different attachments so you can create any curl you like. There’s large soft curls or smaller, springier curls and you can even create that wavy hairstyle that is so popular right now.

TOTAL CURL is easy peasy to use, and we recommend hairspray to hold the curls all night.


Who doesn’t want a pink hair straightener? TOTAL STRAIGHT is a thin straightener which also has those long plates for quicker styling that we have come to love from VS Sassoon.


Temperature control up to 230°C, and like the other Total Style tools has ceramic tourmaline coating.

You can mix up the tools to create unique a hairstyle, or go with just one to create a simple styled hairdo.

Besides the fun colours, the best thing about Total Style is the price – each will set you back just $32.95 with a 2 year warranty!

For more information on the VS Sassoon ‘Total Style’ range: www.vssassoon.com.au

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